This Poem is dedicated to my Grandad who I sadly lost at the start of this year.

It’s been a while but I still miss you
And I know I should say it more than I do
I miss how you always used to be there
Even when it seemed like I didn’t care
You always seemed to make me smile
Couldn’t you have stayed a little while?
I remember when I was little
And we used to get into all sorts of pickles
I loved sitting on your knee
Giggling away with laughter and glee
You were one person I looked up too
And you didn’t have a single clue
When you got ill you still stayed strong
And just carried along
Your courage was something I really admired
And something that I hope I can acquire
Even though you are now gone
Your memory will still carry on
I know you are looking down on me from up there
And your spirit will travel on through the air
You will be always be in my heart

Until I meet you again wherever you are.

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