Welcome to the Land of Books and Pens! I’m Amy, and I have started off blogs before but they were usually about things that I got bored of easily and I forgot about them after a month or two. However, a few days ago a idea came to me! As a self confessed bookworm and as a writer in the early stages of discovering my passion for the art I thought “why don’t I start up a blog about books and writing?”. Alas! The Land of Books and Pens was born! I will be posting all things to do about books on here, such as book reviews, book hauls, books I’ve read recently etc and also I shall be posting my writing on here too such as Poetry, Short Stories, Story Samples and articles I’ve written for the music site that I write for. I am really excited about this and I really hope that you keep coming back for more. I’d also love to read other blogs based on books/writing so if you know of any let me know!



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