Top 5 Boys in Books

So I am a huge bookworm (well I must be otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog) and most of the fiction books I read are young adult, dystopian and chick lit based. Meaning lots of male characters for me and many other girls to fantasise over. I know there are many strong female characters in these books too, and I shall be writing a post about them in due course. However, for this post I shall be focusing on male characters and will be sharing with you my top five. This post was partly inspired by the song “Boys in Books are Better” By Carrie Hope Fletcher which you can watch the video too here:

The fictional boys in this list are based on my opinion and if you have any different fictional boys who you love or think should have been in this list please comment and let me know.
5. Jacob Black – The Twilight Saga

Yes! I know the whole Twilight craze has died out a little, but that still hasn’t stopped me from reliving the books over again. When I first read Twilight back in 2008 when I was just 15 I admit I was Team Edward. However, when I moved on to read New Moon I was suddenly converted to Team Jacob. I felt sorry for Jacob throughout the whole saga; he was there for Bella when Edward left her in New Moon and despite Bella practically leading him on, he still stayed loyal to her. Although I must say I thought he was a bit of an idiot when he forced himself onto her in Eclipse. I was really pleased when he finally got his happy ending in Breaking Dawn when he imprinted on Renesmee. Meaning he could still be a part of Bella’s life, but in a totally different way. Oh and who wouldn’t want them muscles eh?

4. Sam Roth – The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy

I promise there’s not a  theme of wolves in this list! I have only recently read this series and I am just over halfway through Forever (the last book in the trilogy) and I am in love with Sam! As soon as I started reading Shiver I fell in love with him. He’s just the kind of boy you would want for your own, and I am slightly jealous of Grace! His love and loyalty to Grace is just something else, he loved her from the moment he saved her from the pack. He’s been through a lot and when he gets flashbacks of the moment his parents tried to kill him I find myself welling up. I just want to hold him close. He is that mysterious, book loving, musician that you just want to love.

3. Tobias Eaton – The Divergent Trilogy

I love this trilogy and I love Tobias! At first I thought he was a bit of a dick, but the further you get into the series the more you find out about him. Going into his fear landscape was an eye opener for me and I found out we had similar fears, such as confinement. Also learning about his relationship with his father, Marcus, was heartbreaking. He is worthy of Dauntless, he’s tough, he’s strong and he’s willing to do anything for Tris.

2. Ron Weasley – Harry Potter Series

This is not just because I have a soft spot gingers. Most people when mentioning their favourite boys from this series would mention Harry or Draco etc. But not me! I love Ron. He may not be famous or that smart or that strong, but is certainly loyal, brave and one of the best friends you could have. He stuck by Harry no matter what, despite feeling like just his stupid sidekick. Even when he left the tent in Deathly Hallows, he wanted to come back straight away. Oh and he faced up to his fear of Spiders in Chamber of Secrets and destroyed a horcrux in Deathly Hallows. If that isn’t bravery, I don’t know what is. Oh and he got the girl in the end.

1. Augustus Waters – The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars is probably my favourite modern YA book and I have lost count of how many times I have read it. I was in love with Augustus from the moment he got introduced in the book. He was this slighty cocky, arrogant teenager who I couldn’t help but fall for. His charm didn’t just captivate me and many others, but also Hazel Grace. The way he complimented her and showed his love was just adorable and I felt myself wishing I was her. He’s quirky, funny, smart and rather attractive. His love for Hazel Grace till the end was so inspiring. I cry every time at the end of the book, as I just didn’t want him to go. He needed to stay and live out the rest of his life with his Hazel Grace. Damn you John Green!

So there you have it. There are my top 5 boys in books. Let me know if you agree or if you have any others you love.



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