Changing Paths

This is a personal post, which I will do from time to time if I feel that I have something worth talking about. This is something that has been on my mind for a while and I just wanted to get it out. 

When we are younger we all have dreams about what we want to be when we grow up right? For example when I was very young I wanted to be a Princess, which is probably what every little girl wants, but let’s face it, it is highly unlikely to come true (unless you are Kate Middleton). When I was a bit older I wanted to be a teacher, and then when I was in my first few years of Secondary School, I wanted to be a Doctor/Midwife but then realised that I hated the sight of blood. Something that you can’t be afraid of in that profession. I was a bit lost for a while right up to my last year of GCSE’s. Everyone was choosing what they wanted to study for A Levels or what they wanted to do at College. I had a look around and after realising that I didn’t want to stay at Sixth Form, I enrolled on a Media Production Course at a College outside of my current town. The course really interested me and I personally loved that I didn’t have to do any exams. 

As the course progressed, I started to develop a love for Photography, as it was one of my first year modules. I loved it so much that I invested in a decent camera and then took it as my second year specialism. When it came to choosing university courses, I knew I was going to do Photography. I had dreams of becoming a photojournalist and was going to do anything to achieve them. I got into the University of my choice and was really excited to get started. The first semester of my first year was great! I got really into all the projects and I was loving it! However, in the second semester things started to go downhill slightly. I was stressing out over the amount of work and I was starting to loose passion. However, after a chat with a tutor and some classmates I sorted everything out. In second year I started doing some music photography work for a few websites, and one of them wanted me to do a review of a gig that I’d been photographing. I did it and realised that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I did a few more reviews of gigs and albums and I started to develop a passion for it and got great feedback and it got me questioning if this was what I was destined to do? Work at University had got too much again and I was debating whether to change courses, but I only had a year left so I decided to stay with Photography where I finished my third year and graduated. 

A few months after graduating I realised that I hadn’t picked up my camera since finishing University and that was when I gathered that I’d lost my passion for it. I was then stuck on what to do. I’d graduated from University with a degree that I wasn’t really going to use and it did get to me. I felt like I had to do something with Photography so I even contemplated starting my own photography business, but my heart wasn’t in it. It was around that time where I started experimenting with writing. I started off by writing poetry and then I took part in Camp NaNoWriMo where I wrote 10,000 words of a novel. It was then that I thought ‘hey I’m pretty into this’. I was writing everyday and I was becoming so passionate about it. I knew I wanted to study it, but as there was no financial help with Master’s Courses it seemed like it was not going to happen. That was until I found out that there was going to be a student loan for Master’s courses from 2016, which I got really excited about. I then looked around for courses and attended open days. When I attended the open day at London Metropolitian University I knew I had to go to that Uni, so I applied quickly and then had my fingers crossed. Also, during this time I started this blog. I’d grown out of doing Music Reviews, but I loved reading and thought that it’d be good to get my views about books out there, and I’m so happy with how it is going! I am developing contacts and getting lots of views each day! 

After waiting for about a month, I found out in February that I got into London Metropolitian University to study MA Creative, Digital and Professional Writing. I was so happy and I am so excited to start in September. I feel that I am finally doing what I was destined to do, and life is really changing.

The story behind this post is that you can change paths in life. You can decide that you want to do something completely different and that is okay. Life is full of changes and if the change makes you happy then why not go for it? I could’ve been stuck doing something I really wasn’t passionate about if I hadn’t had gone for it and followed my dream.


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