April TBR

Happy April everyone! Spring is finally here and it is definitely starting to show. I cannot wait to get outside with a good book and a cold drink. I actually got through all of my March TBR pile which was brilliant so now I have a new pile of books to read for this lovely month and I shall share them with you. As always there’s a mix of Print and E-book copies on this list.


I only have three print copies that I want to get through this month but I am really excited to read them!

1) Eve’s Amulet Book 1 by Carole Avila

Carole sent me this personally after getting in touch with me asking me if I wanted to review her book Death House (which I’ve nearly finished) and she asked if I’d like to read this as well, which I obviously said yes too! The copy is signed too which I think is a really nice touch.

2) City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

I’m fairly new to The Mortal Instruments and I read City of Bones last year and I loved it! I’ve borrowed this from my local library and I can’t wait to delve into Clary’s world once more.

3) The Weekend Wives by Christian Hopkinson

I couldn’t get through a month without reading a chick lit. The Weekend Wives was sent to me by the people at Hodder & Stoughton. It seems like it’s going to be a really funny, interesting read and I look forward to getting stuck into it.


I also have a few e-books that I want to read this month. I love mixing it up between print and digital if I’m honest.

1) Painting Sky by Rita Branches

I am taking part in the blog tour for this release at the end of the month so it’s only fitting that I read it. It seems like it’s going to be pretty emotional so I guess I am going to need the tissues close by.

2) White Raven by J.L Weil

White Raven seems like it’s going to be a typical YA story with elements of the supernatural put in. I like that though so I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it.

3) The Photographers Wife by Suzanne Joinson

This is a historical novel of sorts and I am slowly getting to grips with that genre more and more so I am hoping this is good. The title is what drew me into wanting to read this if I’m honest.

4) Desolation (The Demon Road Trilogy #2) by Derek Landy

I recently read the first book in this trilogy and I was hooked! I wasn’t sure how long I would have to wait to read the second book and I was desperate as Demon Road ended on such a cliffhanger! However, I am so pleased that I can read this sooner than expected and learn more about the world of Demons and the supernatural.



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