Review: Eve’s Amulet Book 1 by Carole Avila

Eve’s Amulet Book 1 by Carole Avila
Published by Black Opal Books 2013 (Paperback)
300 Pages

Thank you to Carole Avila for personally sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.

A psychic leaves her a present—but is it a blessing or a curse?

Mandy Ruhe receives a sacred amulet from a mysterious woman she’s never met, and is suddenly swept back in time to Texas 1845, inside the body of Carmena Luebber, owner of the Holiday Ranch. Until she can return to her own time, Mandy must assume Carmena’s role and is caught up in the lives of the people who work for Carmena—their struggles, hopes, and dreams. Mandy ends up torn between the two men in love with the woman she portrays, but she can’t have either one of them, no matter how much her heart wishes otherwise. Trapped in the past, Mandy finds herself hoping that true love can triumph over time, but she must find a way back and return to her own life—before she messes up the future for everyone


Having already read another book by Carole Avila it was only a matter of time before I delved into more of her work. After reading and loving her novel, Death House, I was really pleased to have been sent her novel Eve’s Amulet Book 1. I knew this was going to be totally different to Death House and I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it.

Eve’s Amulet Book 1 follows Mandy Ruhe, who after receiving a mysterious amulet from a woman who she’s never even met is transported back in time to 1845 Texas, inside the body of Carmena, owner of Holiday Ranch.  Until she figures out how to get back to her own time, she must take over Carmena’s role and is soon caught up in the lives of the people who work for her and is soon torn between the two men in love with the real Carmena; Ranch Manager Carlos and Captain Saunders, even though she knows she can never have them. To avoid messing up the future for everyone Mandy must find a way to return to the present day before it’s too late. 

This is an Historical Time Travelling novel, which is totally different to the usual genres I read and despite going in with some tiny doubts, I was pleasantly surprised. I was swept up in the world of Texas in 1845 and it did make me slightly want to watch and read a few Westerns, which is highly unlike me at all. There were a lot of historical references in this book and you could tell that a lot of research had been put into it to keep accuracy. I applaud Carole for doing this as it must have taken a lot of time and effort.  

The plot line itself was rather interesting and very unique. I loved the idea of time travel, and as I’d never read a book on it before I was hooked on this element. The romance, although it is a big element to the plot, wasn’t played on too much. It was heartbreaking seeing Mandy fall in love with the Captain and realising that she just couldn’t have him. At times I just wanted her to be able to stay in that time period with him. However, I knew that this wouldn’t be the case as she was needed in her own time. As well as romance there is a bit of action, especially during a particular raid. I feel that that helped ease the plot away from the romantic elements, which is what was needed in my opinion.

During reading I fell in love with every character almost instantly and felt like they all had their quirks. I loved Angela and felt like she was the mother figure to most of the ranch employees and her relationship with Javier was so adorable. I also warmed up to Carlos quite a bit, although he was pretty annoying at times but I could understand why he was acting the way he did. Mandy, I thought was a really strong female lead. She was determined to do whatever it took to help the ranch and also help herself. She knew what she wanted and she was going to get it! Which is a great attitude to have.

Despite not being the usual genre I read Eve’s Amulet Book 1 pleasantly surprised me. It kept me engaged and at times I couldn’t stop reading as I just wanted to know more and more. It’s also made me want to get into reading more historical novels, which I never thought would happen. If you fancy spending a few days in the world of the wild west of Texas, you definitely need to pick this up. It’s a hidden gem. 




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