Review: Desolation (Demon Road #2) by Derek Landy

Desolation (Demon Road #2) by Derek Landy
Published by Harper Collins UK 2016 (E-Book)
460 Pages

Thank you to Harper Collins UK for sending me this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Reeling from their bloody encounter in New York City, Amber and Milo flee north. On their trail are the Hounds of Hell – five demonic bikers who will stop at nothing to drag their quarries back to their unholy master.

Amber and Milo’s only hope lies within Desolation Hill – a small town with a big secret; a town with a darkness to it, where evil seeps through the very floorboards. Until, on one night every year, it spills over onto the streets and all hell breaks loose.

And that night is coming. 


I’d only recently read Demon Road a few months ago and I absolutely loved it. I loved the action, I loved the supernatural elements and I loved the concept. I was dying to read the next book in the trilogy and when the opportunity came to read it I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to immerse myself in Amber’s world once more. 

Desolation picks up right after the events of Demon Road. Amber and Milo are on the run from the Hounds of Hell who are wanting to capture Amber and take her to the Shining Demon, who she’d previously deceived. Her parents are also after her, just to add to the tension. Their only hope lies in the small Alaskan town, Desolation Hill. However, this is a town with a big dark secret. Evil seeps through it and on one night every year hell breaks loose, literally. 

As I loved Demon Road I was really hoping that Desolation would live up to my expectations, but sadly it really didn’t and I was pretty disappointed. In Demon Road I enjoyed the road trip elements to it, and with Desolation it was more or less in one location which did bore me slightly. I wanted to see them go to new places along the Demon Road. There was also so many different things happening all at once that it did get quite daunting at times. Also, as this was meant to be a book that children could read, it was pretty dark at times. There was a lot of blood and gore mentioned and the storyline did get slightly risqué at times. It did make me wonder if this would be more suited for the Young Adult genre. 

Despite this, you do get introduced to a flux of new characters which brought me some joy. I loved the relationship between Virgil and Javier, two elderly ex actors. I enjoyed their love/hate relationship and their banter had me laughing a lot at times. It was also great to have the POV of elderly characters and I haven’t had that a lot when reading other books, so it was a fresh change. Amber and Milo’s relationship also bloomed throughout. It was like they went for being acquaintances to pure friends. It was great to just see them having a laugh at parts throughout, which added a comical feel to a dark story. Amber’s relationship with newcomer Kelly was also one that I loved reading about. It was great that Derek Landy broke the mould and featured a LGBT relationship. It is something that needs to be recognised more and it really did add a fresh feel. 

Overall, Desolation wasn’t as good as it’s predecessor, however, I thought that by adding a mix of fresh new characters made up for that. Yes, although I did find the plotline a little boring at times, I really enjoyed the few action scenes and seeing relationship blossom and form between characters. I will certainly be reading the last book in the trilogy despite my slight disappointment.  


Author Bio

Derek Landy is an Irish writer and screenwriter. He plays too many video games, reads too many comics, and watches too many movies. He lives in Ireland with too many cats. Occasionally he talks to real people, but only when he absolutely has to.



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