Review: Under my Skin by Zoe Markham

Under my Skin by Zoe Markham
Published by Carina UK 2015 (E-Book)
239 Pages

Thank you to Xpresso Book Tours for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.

Inside we are all monsters…

Chloe was once a normal girl. Until the night of the car crash that nearly claimed her life. Now Chloe’s mother is dead, her father is a shell of the man he used to be and the secrets that had so carefully kept their family together are falling apart.

A new start is all Chloe and her father can hope for, but when you think you’re no longer human how can you ever start pretending?

A contemporary reworking of a British horror classic, Under My Skin follows seventeen-year-old Chloe into an isolated world of darkness and pain, as she struggles to understand what it really means to be alive. 

Set against the familiar backdrop of everyday, normal teenage worries, Chloe’s world has become anything but…


I’ll admit that I did request a copy of this book just because of the cover and the title. It just really intrigued me and I was dying to know more about it. Also the tagline ‘Inside we are all monsters’ really pulled me in. I didn’t know what Under my Skin was going to be about, but I was going to have fun finding out.

Under my Skin is a loose, modern re imagining of the classic Frankenstein which in itself is enough to hook readers. We follow teenager Chloe who after being in an horrific accident is brought back to life by her scientist father, who before had been working on a secret government project with an agency involving an undead army. The process changed Chloe, changing her body and skin and leaving her ravenous for protein. The story begins as Chloe and her father are heading to start a new life. As we get further into the story we see Chloe long to get out and meet new people, which her father reluctantly agrees to and enrols her into a private school. Chloe tries to fit in and even meets a potential love interest. But all the time hiding the secret that she is not normal.

For the first part of the story it is a little bit slow as we only have interaction with Chloe and her father. There’s a little bit of mystery at the start also, as we don’t know why they are running or why they have come to start a new life. Most of the first chapters are just Chloe trying to get used to her new environment, being alone and trying to come to terms with everything that has happened to her. I really liked this, as I felt like I got to know Chloe as a character on a one to basis. I found myself really caring for her and feeling sorry for her as well. She never asked for any of this to happen and at times I just wanted to slip into the book and tell her that everything was going to be okay. The further we got into her story the more I was rooting for her. I wanted her to be happy with herself and I wanted her to have some happiness. I was practically cheering when she met her love interest Daz, but was broken hearted at the same time. 

Each character that we meet throughout all have their different quirks and I found myself liking or hating each on that I met. Chloe was a great heroine, who was well drawn and well thought up. I loved seeing her grow into her own and start to accept herself. All she wanted was to be normal and live a normal life. The relationship between her and her father is the root of the book and yes, although it is a troubled one because of the things he has done I adored Chloe for finally forgiving him. All he father wanted was what was best for her and I felt that come the end she finally understood that. 

Under my Skin was a really fascinating, intriguing read. I loved the inspiration behind the book, but I think that may be because I love when classics are adapted into the modern day. The concept behind it was brilliant and the ending was superb and leaves it open for a sequel which I really hope does happen.


Author Bio

A full-time editor by day, Zoë writes furiously at night when her son’s safely in bed and the coffee’s on. She currently has two Young Adult novels published with Carina UK (Hapercollins) and two more due out late 2016 with Grimbold Books.

She likes her fiction dark and disturbing, and some of her favourite authors include Darren Shan, Stephen King, Derek Landy, Patrick Ness and Alexander Gordon Smith.

Zoë has a completely unfounded fear of mushrooms, and doesn’t feel at all comfortable writing about herself in the third person. If you’d like to know more, pop over and say hello on Twitter and she’ll more than likely talk your ear off.

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