Why I Love my Kindle…

Ever since E-Readers were introduced there’s always been the Digital vs Print debate. With some people saying that E-Readers are the cause of declines in independent book shops. I admit, I do read print books and I do love the feeling of them and also the smell (I can’t be the only one surely?). However, I do have a big love for my Kindle which I received just over three years ago now and I just want to share some of the reasons for that love. 

  • I have a whole library on one device: My Kindle can hold up to 2,000 books and I haven’t even got half of that on there at the moment. I just love how you can have that many books on one single device.
  • It’s good for travelling/holidays: Before I got my kindle I used to take a few books with me when I went away, but they would take up luggage space and would also be quite heavy. With a Kindle you can just pop it in a bag and you know you have many books on there to read.
  • Books can be cheaper: I have noticed that many books on Amazon are a lot cheaper if you get them digitally for your kindle. A physical copy can be something like £5.99, but some digital copies of the book can be as cheap as 99p.
  • It’s easier to receive ARC’s: As a Book Blogger this is really important. Yes, I do receive physical ARC’s, but with sites like Netgalley around who specialise in digital advance copies you can now get books to review without having to wait for the post. Once you get approved to read a certain book it is there on your device ready to read, which I think is great!
  • You can get classics for free: I am going to be doing a challenge starting from next month where I read one Classic Book a month. It just so happens that on the Kindle Store you can get many classics for free. I already have Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice on there ready to read and I didn’t pay a penny!
  • You can get cute cases: This reason is probably down to me having a thing for accessories but you can get some pretty cute cases for Kindles and other E-Readers. The one I have on at the moment is a London Underground one and was from Paperchase.
  • Can be easier for Self-Published Authors: I’m really into self published authors and self publishing as a whole at the moment and I feel that without Digital Books some would find it harder to get their work out there. I have discovered many great Self-Published work through digital copies.
  • You can be organised: I am quite OCD when it comes to organisation, and it doesn’t change with books. My physical book shelf is organised and in alphabetical order, but with my Kindle I can put my books into certain folders which makes it easier for me to find what I am looking for. 

So there are a few of my reasons. Do you agree with them? Or not? I’d love to start a discussion about it, so feel free to leave your opinions!

One thought on “Why I Love my Kindle…

  1. I too love my kindle. Two reasons that you didn't mention are:–I love to read in the tub, and it is easy to pop my kindle in a plastic bag and read safely.–I love audiobooks and many books now come with Whispersync, so I can switch between the ebook and audiobook without losing my place.I also get a lot of non-Classics for free when they are on a promo.Most Recent Post: Critical Elements in Designing a Post Index?


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