An Update

So.. it has been a while since I done an update and I do apologise for that. I didn’t realise how busy my life has got lately. I thought it would get easier after finishing my university lectures and moving back home…boy was I wrong. Not that I’m complaining, I just didn’t realise.

So what’s new? Well I have finished the teaching part of my Masters Degree and I am now working on my final project or dissertation. The project I am working on is a 14,000 word fiction piece which will eventually be part of a bigger piece of work. It’s a YA Fantasy story which I am really getting into. I am still in the planning stages of it but at the moment it is all coming together. I will soon be writing away and enjoy the escape of my own fantasy world.

I also have a new part time job whilst I do this project – I am now a Customer Consultant at The Body Shop. I obviously need money and this is the best I can have for now. I love their products and I am obviously against animal testing. I am enjoying it so far and everyone I am working with seems lovely. May it continue.

I moved back home to Ipswich last month after finishing the teaching part of my MA. I am happy to be back to home comforts but I do miss the city. I also miss living with James (I lived with him and his family whilst I was at uni). However, we are still seeing each other when we can and it’s working out well so far. 

I’m also trying to join more social groups now that I am back home and I have joined two bookclubs – a YA one and an adult one at my local Waterstones. Bookish discussions are awesome and I loved the meetings I have been to so far. It’s also good to meet like minded people and hopefully I can make some friends from it.

This is quite a short update but I just wanted to let you all know what’s been going on lately and why I haven’t posted as much as I would have liked. I am going to start a schedule and will hopefully be posting regularly ASAP. 

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