Mini Book Haul

So its a Friday afternoon. I’m sitting here relaxing after doing some uni work and I figure it’s the perfect time to write a post. A book haul is something that I haven’t posted about for a while. I used to love doing these but they grinded to a halt once my life got too busy. So, what better time to start doing them than now. I’m going to talk about a few books I’ve picked up recently. I have only read one of the books, so I am going into this very open minded.

All That She Can See by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Carrie is such a big inspiration to me and has been for a few years now. I love her YouTube channel and have seen her perform when she was in Les Miserables. All That She Can See is her second novel and I read it within two days. The concept behind it was brilliant, although there were a few moments in the story which I didn’t agree with. My review is here.

Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland

Wilde Like Me is a book by another youtuber who I love. I haven’t been watching Louise for long but she’s such a wonderful creator and her videos always seem to make me smile. I was really excited when I found out she was releasing a fiction book and preordered a signed copy straight away. All I can gather from this book is that it’s women’s fiction about a mother and daughter. I cannot wait to read it in the near future. 

Geekerella by Ashley Poston

I picked up Geekerella at London Comic Con and was lucky enough to get it signed by the author who was lovely may I add. The title was the main thing that drew me into wanting this book and after reading the blurb I was sold. The book is essentially about a girl who goes to a comic convention and meets the star of one of her favourite shows. It sounds right up my street and I shall be reading it very shortly.

Black Wing by Ed McDonald

I was sent an ARC of Black Wing after reaching out to the author and PR team on Twitter. I sadly, have yet to read it. The cover is intriguing and I haven’t read much fantasy lately so am looking forward to delving into it. I don’t know much about it but I like that. I can go into the book with an open mind and just hopefully enjoy the story. 

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

I was told about The Wrath and the Dawn at the YA book club I go to and after hearing others talk about it I knew I had to buy it. It is essentially a retelling of Arabian Nights of which I haven’t read. However, it sounds like it’s going to be a fab read. I already have a feeling that the main female character is going to be a kick ass heroine and there’s going to be lots of action involved. Watch this space for my thoughts.

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