Why I Love Books.

Happy Book Lovers Day! Today is a great day for any self confessed book lover (myself included). It’s a day where we can celebrate our love of all things bookish and just spend the whole day reading (well that’s what I’m going to do, after doing some uni work of course). In honour of this day I am going to tell you some of the reasons why I love books so much. There are many I can assure you, but I will only be revealing a few. I’d love to know why you all love books as well so feel free to leave any comments.

Bookstores and Libraries 

A place piled high with books? Oh yes please! Going into a bookstore or a library is heaven for me. I can spend hours just browsing the shelves and picking out books that I know I would love to read. They are places where book lovers can come and just be at peace. I go to a YA Bookclub at my local Waterstones bookstore and I’ve met some lovely likeminded people through it. Oh, not forgetting that these places tend to do a lot of bookish events. Always good for a bookworm.
The Smell

I have forever loved the smell of books – old ones especially. There’s something about that musty smell that is captivating and I’m sure a lot of you fellow book lovers would agree. Whenever I get a new book I always have to sniff it. Call me mad if you want but I’m sure I’m not the only one that does it. 
Cover Art

Cover art is beautiful and it plays a big part in determining wether you want to pick up the certain book or not. I went to an event about the different roles in the publishing industry a few weeks ago and I found out that it takes a lot of work to design cover art and it isn’t as easy as some may think. I love taking part in cover reveals because of my love for book cover art and I appreciate all the time and effort it takes to design.


Books allow you to escape into fantasy worlds with interesting stories, amazing characters and emotions galore. When I have been having a bad day I can just pick up a book and I’ll be able to escape and forget about reality even if it’s just for a few hours. You could say it is a therapy of some sort. If you need escapism read a book hands down. 

Book merch is amazing. From book sleeves to bookmarks to jewellery to clothes, you name it there is a bit of book merch for anyone out there. I love how you can proudly show off your love for a book series or singular book with merch. I have accumulated a fair bit of book merch and I absolutely love it, although I’m not sure my bank balance does.
They bring people together

Books have the ability to bring people together be it in real life or online. I have met many new people because of books, especially since I started this book. Fandoms, book clubs, book bloggers etc are all brought together by one thing – their love of books. The book community is amazing and I am so thankful to be a part of it.

So, there you go! There are a few reasons why I am such a big book lover. What are you reasons? Let me know in the comments and maybe we can start a big discussion?

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