Sunday Post 03/09

Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer which takes place every Sunday. Its a place to look back on the week and share what’s been happening with you personally, what’s been on your blog, what you have been reading, what books you have received and what is happening on your blog next week. I did this before but now I have more free time this will now become a weekly thing. What have you all been up to this week? Comment and let me know.


It hasn’t been a very interesting week for me but a few things have happened which I can talk about. For starters I submitted my final project for my Masters and after all the hard work (and copious amounts of coffee) I couldn’t be prouder. After all the trouble I had when doing my undergraduate degree I wasn’t even sure I could last on a Masters course but I did and I am so happy. I cannot wait to graduate and celebrate further.

I also have a job interview for a receptionist job on Friday and I got a call this week offering me another interview for another receptionist job next Wednesday. I am really hoping I get offered one of them as I really need to start saving up money as I would love to leave home at some point. Fingers crossed!

Also went out to a seaside town called Aldeburgh with my Mum, Aunt and Nan and it was lovely. We had lunch in a cute little teashop where I have a gorgeous cup of rooibos tea and wandered around the shops and the beach, which was stunning. I love finding cute little towns to explore, I really do.

I then spent the weekend at my Nan’s as it was her birthday. We had a chilled out Saturday and on Sunday we went out for lunch and coffee and it was lovely. I never really get to spend time with her on my own so it was bliss. 

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Hope you all have a good week and keeping reading!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Post 03/09

  1. That little seaside town looks nice! Always fun to discover a new place like that. And congrats on your Masters! Hope you have a good reading week. 🙂


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