Hello October, Goodbye September!

October is finally here! The month that autumn finally begins and things start to feel spooky. I can watch horror movies, go for autumnal walks through parks and enjoy some quality reading time with some pumpkin spice coffee and candles. As it’s the start of a new month I’m going to take you through a quick wrap up of what I read in September and what I plan to read in October. 

Just a quick note before I get started – this is how my monthly wrap up and TBR posts will be like from now on. It’s a lot easier to put them together in one post than several. 

September Reads

I LOVED Feel Good 101! I have been a big fan of Emma for so long and when she announced she was writing this I was so excited.

 If you are struggling with anything in life, regardless of your age, this is the book for you. Yes, granted there are a few sections dedicated to the younger generation but I still took away a lot. Review here.

I really wanted to like The Miseducation of Cameron Post as I’d heard good things and even had it recommended to me a few times. The concept of it really interested me and I was looking forward to reading it. However, I was really disappointed.

It didn’t keep me hooked at all. There was so many things in there that didn’t need to be in the story and I got bored. Was such a shame as I really had my hopes up about it. Review here

I’d read the first book in the Essential Elements series – Elemental Secrets last year, so it was only common sense for me to read the sequel Elemental Lies. I was also honoured to have been asked to take part in the blog tour for the book.

It was a really good sequel and picked up just after where the first book ended. There was a lot of action, excitement and mystery. Although I wasn’t too keen on our main character, Val in this. However, I enjoyed it and can’t wait for book three. Review here.

The Things We Learn When We’re Dead was so entertaining despite being the weirdest book I have ever read. The concept was so original and I was drawn in straight away.

It had me laughing, crying and at times wanting to be park of this unique, quirky world. I’m so pleased that the author – Charlie Laidlaw, decided to take a chance and send me a copy of the book. Review here.

October TBR

Mirror Mirror by Cara Delevingne (Review Copy)

Kiss Kiss by Roald Dahl

Stories for Halloween by Edgar Allan Poe

Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo

13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough

Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn

I hope you all have a lovely, spook filled October! What are you all reading/getting up to this month? Do let me know!

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