Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions/Goals

Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. I am so excited to be back doing Top Ten Tuesday! I have missed doing it if i’m honest and I am looking forward to the new interesting topics each week.

This week is all about bookish resolutions/goals. I did do a post about this a while back but I might as well do it again for those who are new to Amy’s Bookish Life or who didn’t see the post. 

What are your bookish goals? Let me know in the comments and link me to your TTT posts, I love seeing them.

1) Read 70 books: I set myself a challenge last year to read 50 books and a few days before 2018 I hit it. This year I am upping the stakes and challenging myself to read 70. It’s going to be hard but fingers crossed.

2) Plan my blog posts: Up to now I haven’t actually planned any of my blog posts, they have just been topics I have thought about that day. This year I want to write down plans for each post I want to do.

3) Post regularly on Amy’s Bookish Life: I want to make sure I post more regularly on this blog. I want to at least have 3 – 5 posts up a week.

4) Gain a following: I would love to gain a bigger following on Amy’s Bookish Life. I don’t feel like I have a big enough one yet and I would love this to change.

5) Stop buying books for the sake of it: In 2017 I brought a lot of books and some of them I haven’t even read yet and some I am not as interested in as I first thought. To save money and space on my bookshelf I am only going to buy a book if it really interests me.

6) Continue with bookstagram: I took a leap and became part of the bookstagram community towards the end of 2017 and I am so glad I did! I love it and it’s a great place to meet fellow bookworms and be as creative with photos as you want. I am hoping to get to 1k followers by the end of 2018.

7) Discover/comment on more book blogs: I’ll admit I don’t really comment on other book blogs and this is probably why I don’t have a huge following. This year I want to comment on more blogs, get to know my fellow book bloggers and feel more a part of the community.

8) Read out of my comfort zone: I seem to have my preferences for what genres I love to read. In 2018 I want to get out of the comfort zone and read more genres that I wouldn’t usually read. I want to especially read more crime and thriller novels. 

9) Read once classic a month: I haven’t read that many classics so, this year I want to read at least one a month.

10) Go to more bookish events: I want to go to more bookish events this year be it conventions, signings, book launches etc. I already have my eye on YALC and YALW but I want to discover and attend more.

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions/Goals

  1. Going to more bookish events is a great goal for 2018! I also think you'll enjoy having posts planned. It takes a lot of pressure of you each day, and also gives you more time to reflect on what you want to say. Good luck with your 2018 bookish resolutions!


  2. Awesome goals!! 70 is about the number I'm striving to hit this year too. I wish I could read 999 books like everyone else seems to be able to do, but sigghhhhh. Bookish events are so much fun!! I hope you get to go to a few 🙂


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