Review: Colliding Skies by Debbie Zaken

Colliding Skies by Debbie Zaken
Published by Oftomes Publishing
Released 6th March 2018
Kindle Edition
350 Pages

Thank you to Oftomes Publishing for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Since Skye Reilly can remember, she has been looking up to the stars. With high school graduation upon her, her telescope in one hand and her college acceptance letter in the other, she has life as meticulously mapped out as her star chart. That is, until the Celeians arrive and she meets Ethan, an alluring alien. Ethan collides into her like an asteroid, causing a gravitational shift in Skye’s trajectory and hurling her life into a cataclysmic collision course of interplanetary proportions.

The Celeians promise many things. An end to disease, global warming, and famine. The knowledge to help humankind. Despite the suspicions surrounding the intriguing aliens and rising anti-alien protests, Skye gives Ethan her trust, and eventually her heart. The very heart he could stop with a lethal electrifying touch of his hand. 
When the Magistrate, a council of alien leaders, threatens to put an end to their interspecies relationship, following her heart could cost Skye her life and the lives of everyone she loves. 
Not even light can escape the pull of a black hole.


I’ll admit that I’m not a big fan of Sci Fi and haven’t read many books in that specific genre. However, when I heard about Colliding Skies I was intrigued. It was a YA Sci Fi that had a bit of hype surrounding it from advance reviews and I had a feeling I may actually enjoy it. When the chance came up for me to get hold of a review copy I jumped at it and was looking forward to reading out of my comfort zone.

Ever since she can remember teenager Skye Reilly has been looking to the stars. With her high school graduation looming, her telescope in one hand and her college acceptance letter in the other her life is as mapped out as a star chart. That is until the alien race, the Celeians arrive and she meets Ethan, a captivating alien. Ethan collides into Skye’s life like an asteroid. Skye gives Ethan her trust and her heart. However, when the Magistrate, a council of Celeian leader threatens to put an end to their relationships, following her heart could cost Skye and all those she holds dear their lives..

Okay, forget everything you have heard about aliens. The Celeians certainly don’t fit the typical alien stereotype. They were beautiful and alluring and made for very interesting characters. They were one of the reasons why I became so invested in this story. A lot of character development must have been done prior to writing and for that I applaud the author. This race of alien was unlike any I had read about before and I do love it when something original comes out of a book.

I found myself liking the whole alien/sci-fi thing a lot more than the romance. I was so intrigued by an alien invasion that I couldn’t stop myself from reading. It also got me thinking about what I would do if something like this happened in real life. There could be other life forms out there, you never know. The depth and and uniqueness of Colliding Skies was commendable. I just wanted to know more and more each time I turned the page. I needed to learn all about this extra terrestrial life and what their true motives were. It was that interesting.

However, when it came to the romance within the book I wasn’t impressed. I found it to be too ‘insta-love’ and if you know me you know I hate that in fiction. Granted, Ethan, as a Celeian was an interesting character but I found him to be too controlling when it came to his relationship with Skye. Yes, he doesn’t experience emotions the same way as humans but that didn’t excuse his behaviour. Skye just went along with it too and I did find myself screaming at her at times. Mentioning Skye I did find it hard to warm up to her at first, she just didn’t have that spark that I love in a main character. But, when I got further into the story and learnt about her motives and her back story I did find myself liking her a bit more. Although, I did silently tell her off in a few places.

Despite the romance not being to my liking I did enjoy reading Colliding Skies. It was unique, full of depth and had many twists and turns that kept me guessing throughout. I was also not expecting it to end the way it did and I am looking forward to reading the sequel to find out what it next in this sci fi adventure.


 (3.5 stars)

Debbie received her first library card at the tender age of six and still remembers walking out as if she’d just been handed one of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets. After that, it was rare not to find Debbie enwrapped in a book. It was only a matter of time before the stories that played in her head found their way to the page. Born in Miami, Debbie grew up in Guatemala and is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew. She currently resides with her husband and her two fabulously trilingual and adorable girls in South Florida.
Her debut novel, Colliding Skies, received 1st place in the Society for Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators Florida Rising Kite 2016 Award. 

When she is not writing, working, or performing some feat of mommy magic, Debbie can be found reading, binge watching Netflix, running, or fangirling Muse.​​

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