Why I Love Book Clubs

This will be a different post to what you are used to on here but it’s one that I’ve been wanting to write for a while and I hope thats okay! It’s about something that has been a part of my life for nearly a year now and one that I haven’t spoken about before but it’s quite fitting to this blog.

For the past nine months I have been attending two book clubs hosted at my local Waterstones. A YA Book Club and a general Adult Book Club. I’d been wanting to join a book club for ages but never really had the confidence to do so, until I saw a sign in Waterstones advertising the YA book club – after having a chat with the lovely bookseller who ran the club I decided to go for it. I remember the book I read for my first meeting was Ink by Alice Broadway and as I loved it I couldn’t wait to discuss it. I didn’t go to the general adult book club for a few months after and I remember the first book I read for that one was Swing Time by Zadie Smith, I didn’t enjoy it that much but I was looking forward to getting my opinion about it across.

That’s just a gist of how it all started. Now I’m going to share a list of reasons why I love going to book clubs so much..

You get to discuss books with like minded peopleI love the discussions we have in each of the book clubs I go to as they are so different. It’s just great to listen in on other peoples opinions and just have a nice bookish discussion. There have been times where it has got heated but it just shows the passion the certain person has for the book

You can make friendsI’m the kind of person who does find it quite hard to make friends but I have made some from going to book club. I think it’s because of the common interest and the fact we all connect over social media especially on bookstagram. It also makes me feel less alone when I go to the meetings. 

You can broaden your reading taste – I’m someone who tends to stick to the same genres when it comes to reading and it is a habit that I’m trying to break. So, that is one of the reasons I joined a book club. Since joining I have read books that I wouldn’t have normally given a second glance at. Some I have liked, some I haven’t but that is all part of the experience.

You can connect with authors – This is something that can happen. Authors obviously love when their work is read and discussed and most are happy to answer questions. Since joining my YA book club has been in touch with Patrice Lawrence (author of Orangeboy and Indigo Donut), Martin Stewart (The Sacrifice Box) and we did a live Twitter Q & A with Anna Day (The Fandom). 

You can schedule events – Sometimes Book Clubs arrange events. The adult book club last month went to a screening of The Jane Austen Book Club and YA book club is trying to arrange a cinema trip to see Love, Simon. It gives everyone a chance to connect outside of the bookish environment.

The environment – Our meetings take place in the Waterstones store so to be sitting in that gorgeous bookish environment just adds to the feel of the book club..it’s pure bliss.

There’s always cake – And cake is good. Need I say more?

I hope this little post has opened you up to the idea of book clubs. Do you go to a book club? Or are you thinking of joining one? Let me know.

6 thoughts on “Why I Love Book Clubs

  1. I've never been part of a book club, but I'd like to try it someday. Only I'm a bit concerned I'd be stressed out because you have to read the book in time for the book club meeting XD I'm sure there would be times when I wouldn't finish it in time.Ronnie @ Paradise Found


  2. I tend to read book club books as soon as I get them so I get them out of the way. Plenty of people in my book clubs don't finish the book in time so we don't usually give away huge spoilers. It's more a gathering of book lovers to socialise 🙂


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