Book Beginnings/Friday 56 #3

Book Beginnings is hosted by Rose City ReaderShe invites you to share the first sentence or so of your current read and share your thoughts about the sentence, initial impressions of the book and anything else it inspires. 

Friday 56 is hosted by Fredas VoiceThis is where you grab the book you are reading, turn to page 56 (or 56% on your ereader) and post a few sentences.

I am currently reading Sunflowers in February by Phyllida Shrimpton.

The bluish light to the day gives away the early hour, and I hug my knees to my chest as if I should be cold.

For an opening sentence it is very powerful. It makes you wonder who is this person? Where are they? Why are they hugging their knees? Is it really silent? I love opening sentences that make you think and this one really does that. In my opinion, a perfect opening.

I pull the hood of Ben’s coat over my head, shivering at the unexpected drop in temperature, whilst huge plumes of condensation cloud out of my mouth and nose as I walk to the school bus stop. The edges of my nostrils are freezing and even a few snow flurries blow past me before disappearing into the damp pavement.

This book, so far is a really emotional one, but I won’t say why. I haven’t delved into YA Contemporary for a while and I have certainly missed it. I am looking forward to reading more of this and discovering what it is about.

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