Top Ten Tuesday: Best Character Names in YA

Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This is week is all about the best character names. As you all know the name of a character is very important. You can make your first assumption of a book by the characters so getting the right name is something crucial.

My list is going to consist of my favourite character names in YA as I am a YA lover. What are your favourite character names in YA? Let me know!

1) Alina Starkov – The Grisha Trilogy

2) Theodore Finch – All The Bright Places

3) Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter Series

4) Cricket Bell – Lola and the Boy Next Door

5) Lexi Volkov – Clean

6) Zélie Adebola – Children of Blood and Bone

7) Effie Trinket – The Hunger Games Trilogy

8) Augustus Waters – The Fault in our Stars

9) Martha Lost – The Finding of Martha Lost

10) Scarlett Dragna – Caraval 

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