Blog Tour: The Girl in the Storm by Ceri A. Lowe

Today I am taking part in the blog tour/blitz for The Girl in the Storm by Ceri A. Lowe. It’s the second book in the Paradigm Series and perfect if you love Dystopian YA.

For my stop I am going to be sharing an extract from the book itself. Hopefully this will suck you in and make you want to read the series…well thats what I am hoping.

Thank you to Bookouture for giving me the chance to take part in this blog tour.

The Girl in the Storm by Ceri A. Lowe
Published by: Bookouture
Released: 20th August 2018
Page Count: 372 Pages

The silhouettes of the watchers stood stark against the glinting metal fence. No one could get in. And no one could get out.

As the storms rage around her, 15-year-old Alice Davenport is trained by the rulers of the new world, Paradigm Industries, to reach the highest levels of command. Life within the Community is supposed to be perfect, with the Barricades keeping the population safe from the toxic wasteland and savage people outside.

Rebellious Alice has never felt easy with Paradigm Industries’ plans for the future. Determined to investigate their secrets, she makes a shocking discovery: disturbing experiments on how to create life itself are taking place in underground laboratories, establishing a new order for society that will impact generations to come…

The First Generation Scouts will rule.

The Second Gen will obey.

And the Lab Made will serve.

Knowing she can’t live in this brutal regime, Alice has nowhere to turn. Until she encounters a boy from beyond the Barricades, who seems to have the answers for a better life. If what he says about the outside world is true, Alice realises it’s up to her to take on the power of Paradigm Industries alone…

In her journey to find freedom, Alice’s courage will be tested to the limit, but she’ll stop at nothing to do what’s right.


The shock  of  what  he  saw  almost  killed  him. If he  hadn’t  been  holding  onto  the  rusted  rail,  it  was  likely  that  fifteen-year-old  Carter  Warren  would  have  fallen  directly  into  the  empty  ruins  of  the  overgrown  city  nine  storeys  below.  The communal  council  garden  beneath  him  was  now  an  ugly  jungle,  but  there  was  one  corner  that  had  been  carefully  cultivated.  He could  clearly  make out  the  words  written  in  blocks  of  stone: There  are  Others.
Inside the  walls  of  the  Community,  he  had  heard  stories.  But they were  just  that    stories.  The wild imaginings of children  that  were extinguished  as  quickly  as  they  began.  Ideas of terrible  creatures  that roamed  outside  the  Barricades  had  always  been  there  to  stop  the  little  ones    and  often  the  older  ones    approaching  the  fences.  Carter had never believed  there  could  really  be  anything  else    anyone  else.  Not anyone real  who  was  still  alive.  It was  forbidden,  impossible.  A thrill of  the  unknown  coursed  through  his  veins.
In  the  quietness  of  the  landscape,  Carter  could  feel  the  bass  of  his  heart thumping  in  his  chest.  The  words  were  real.  And,  although  they  looked like  they  had  been  there  a  fair  amount  of  time,  the  growth  over  them had  been  cleared    and  recently. ‘Where  are  you?’  he  yelled.  ‘Where  are  you?’  His  voice  sounded strained  and  thin  and  he  couldn’t  remember  when  he  had  last  spoken out  aloud.  It  felt  much  longer  than  the  day  or  so  since  he’d  left  the Community  and  been  declared  dead. His  words  melted  into  the  air.  A  crow  circled  above  him,  papery wings  flapping  in  the  breeze. No  response. Carter scanned  the  empty  landscape.  The  person  who  had  stacked the  stones  up  into  a  precise  order  and  had  cleared  the  way  to  ensure people  would  find  the  message  had  gone.  There  was  nothing.  No  one.
To  the  west,  the  lights  of  the  Community  glowed  within  the  tight vein  of  the  river.  He  felt  an  ache  of  nostalgia  for  somewhere  that  felt  like it  was  a  world  away.  There  were  distant  lights  within  the  Barricades,  like the  pale  resonance  of  a  machine  recently  switched  off.  But  any  nostalgia for  that  place  was  pointless.  To  most,  if  not  all,  he  was  dead  –  and had  died  a  traitor,  putting  the  whole  existence  of  the  Community  in jeopardy;  the  Industry  would  be  sure  that  everyone  knew  that. Then  there  was  Isabella  –  the  school  sweetheart  he  had  adored  and shared  so  much  with  –  he  hoped  the  end  had  been  quick  for  her.  And his son,  Ariel  –  the  son  he  had  only  just  begun  to  know.  He hoped there  had  been  no  repercussions  for  him.  His heart sank  and  he  felt his  soul  swirl  around  the  depths  of  his  body.  And then  there  was  his daughter  Lucia,  murdered  by  a  woman  he  had  trusted.  A sliver  of  anger speared  him  when  he  thought  of  them  and  how  he’d  been  forced  to leave  them  all.

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