Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0 (Blogtober Day 11)

Happy Day 11 of Blogtober! Today I am going to shake things up and do a book tag!

I am going to be doing the Halloween Creatures 2.0 book tag which I found over on Keep Reading Forward (they created the tag). I love Halloween so this is going to be a really fun one to do!

I am tagging:

Witch: A magical character or book

I am going with Jayin Ijad from Catching Stars. She’s a witch in hiding and I loved her character development throughout the story. She was such a badass!

Werewolf: The perfect book to read at night

The Wicked Deep. It has such an eerie feel to it that if you read it at night the atmosphere is so creepy and I just love that.

Frankenstein: A book that truly shocked you

Thunderhead. The ending both shocked and terrified me. I’m still not over it.

The Devil: A dark, evil character

– I’m gonna have to say Dolores Umbridge. She was just the worst! I hated her more than Voldemort.

Grim Reaper: A character that should never have died

– There’s so many to choose from but I’m gonna say Mathias from Six of Crows Duology. He had such a good thing going on and his death still destroys me!

Zombie: A book that made you hungry for more

Crooked Kingdom. Although it was the end of the duology I still yearn for more adventures with Kaz Brekker!

Gargoyle: A character that you would protect at all costs

– Scythe Faraday although I’m not sure he needs protecting…

Vampire: A book that sucked the life out of you

Carve The Mark. The less I say about it the better…

Ghost: A book that still haunts you

The Island. I just found everything about it to be just awful! And yet I am still seeing it around everywhere.

Demon: A book that really scared you

– I don’t get scared by many books but Frozen Charlotte was pretty terrifying.

Skeleton: A character you have a bone to pick with

– Hmmmm probably Velvet from Floored. She was worth so much more than what she thought! Her lack of confidence and self worth made me want to shake her and just tell her she’s brilliant!

Mummy: A book you would preserve throughout time

The Story of Tracy Beaker. It’s one of my all time favourite books and I want to hold onto it..well until the end basically.

Creepy Doll: A cover too scary to look at

Image result for creepy book covers
There’s just something terrifyingly creepy about this cover…

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