How to get out a reading slump (Blogtober Day 12)

Blogtober Day 12 coming at ya!

Today I thought I would talk about something that us readers fear and hate – the dreaded reading slump. We’ve all been there and it is honestly one of the worst things a reader can go through. I’ve been stuck in several reading slumps this year and although that aren’t pretty, I think I have no accumulated a few tips to help myself and fellow bookworms get through it. That is what I am going to be sharing today. 

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What tips would you give to someone wanting to get out of a reading slump?

– Put the book down and go and do something else 
I find that when I am in a slump and am really struggling to read a book that putting it down and going to do something else really helps. You can go watch a tv show, browse social media (maybe not the best idea though!), do some cooking, do exercise, go for a walk etc. Doing something else besides reading will give your mind time to breathe and you may feel more energised to go back to the book at a later time.

– Re-read an old favourite

This certainly works for me! When I’m in a slump I find that picking up an old favourite book helps me find motivation again. My favourite books to pick up are any of the Harry Potter series, Matilda and Tracy Beaker.

– If you don’t like it, don’t finish it

Life is way to short to be reading a book you just aren’t enjoying, so don’t finish it! I know some people can force themselves to read a book they don’t like, but for me if I don’t enjoy a book I will put it down and not finish it. 

– Switch up genres

Maybe you need to change genres and reading something completely different? I went through a stage earlier in the year where all I read was YA Fantasy – yes I love the genre but as I was reading it constantly for a few months I ended up going into a slump. I switched to reading contemporary and thrillers and soon enough the slump had gone.

– Join a bookclub

Bookclubs are great as you don’t only get to meet like-minded people you also get to discover new books that you wouldn’t normally read. Being around fellow bookworms, having bookish discussions and finding new books to read may help you rekindle your love for books, breaking the slump.

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