Favourite Drinks to Read With in Autumn (Blogtober Day 17)

For today’s Blogtober post I am going to do something a little different and talk about drinks. More specifically drinks I like to have when I’m reading.

I feel like I can’t sit down and read without a lovely hot beverage beside me. It makes the feeling a lot cosier and for me it helps me to relax. 

If you enjoy any of these drinks too do let me know!

This prompt was taken from the Blogtober Post Ideas created by Jenn at Jenniely.com.

1) Beanies Flavour Coffee

I am a huge coffee lover, in particular flavoured coffees. I only got into them a few years ago but since then I have been OBSESSED – especially with the brand Beanies. They do so many flavours that you are spoiled for choice! At the moment my favourites are: Cookie Dough, Gingerbread, Cinnamon Hazelnut and Pumpkin Spice. They are all perfect flavours for the autumn and winter months and they just make me feel so warm and happy. You can get a few flavours in Sainsburys and Aldi but I tend to order mine from their website as there is more variety

2) Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is another big favourite of mine and perfect for the colder months! Whats better than curling up to read with a steaming mug of hot chocolate? As I am trying to be healthier I do tend to drink Cadbury Highlights which is still good. Perfect for warming me up when I’m reading.

3) Herbal/Fruit Teas

I don’t normally drink the traditional British cup of tea but I do love a herbal or fruit tea. I’ve loved this kind of tea for a few years and I still can’t get enough. Most are caffeine free and they all seem to relax me. My favourites at the moment are pictured above. I tend to get most of my herbal teas from Aldi’s as they are cheap but they still taste great.

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