Tips for Getting Free/Cheap Books (Blogtober Day 24)

Reading..despite being one of the best things out there, it can get very expensive. For some this is a big downside and could lead to them feeling like they are missing out on the latest releases

With this in mind, today I am going to sharing some tips on how to get cheap or even free books!

How do you get free/cheap books? Have you got any more tips to share?

Charity Shops

– If you are looking for some cheap books Charity Shops are a must! I have found many a good book whilst rummaging around in Charity Shops, some for as little as 50p! I found La Belle Sauvage in my local Oxfam Book Shop for £2.49 a few weeks ago..bargain! You are also giving money to a charity, which should make you feel good!


– For the ultimate book binge, visit your local library! Libraries are amazing places and should be used more than they are.  You can borrow as many books as you like and for free and not only still helps the author! It’s totally free to join a library and you’ll be surprised at what wonders you can find.

Kindle Deals

– I know this may be a sore subject amongst some, but if you can use an E-Reader from time to time. I have a Kindle and I have managed to get some cheap books on the amazon store! Some for just 99p. Amazon do daily and monthly kindle deals so it’s worth signing up to get emails about them. You can also get many classics for free on the Kindle store, so if you are a big lover of classics it really is a must.

Bookstore Deals

– often find many different deals when visiting my local bookstores. Stores like Waterstones, WHSmiths and The Works always have great deals on throughout the year. The Works I’ve found always do a 3 for £5 deal on selected books which is brilliant! Waterstones and WHSmiths always seem to do buy one get one half price or buy one get one for £1 deals quite often. This essentially is great and pretty good on my bank balance!

Car Boot Sales

– Some people may not be able to get to a Car Boot Sale and they do usually tend to  happen only in spring/summer because of the nice weather. However, if you can get to one, go! You can usually pick up books at car boot sales for good prices. Also, it’s a good feeling knowing that you are ultimately taking a book that someone else has read and enjoyed.

Shop Online

– This may defeat the purpose of ‘shopping’ for books but you can sometimes get books for cheaper if you shop online. I have definitely noticed this with sites like Amazon and even Waterstones.

Pre Ordering

– If there’s a book coming out that you really want, pre order it! Most stores and websites for special deals if you pre-order books. 

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