Six for Sunday – An Ode to Children’s Fiction

Six for Sunday is weekly prompt hosted by Steph at A Little But A Lot where we are encouraged to give our opinions on a certain topic or a book-related theme.

I have missed a few Six for Sunday’s recently and this is mainly due to a busy schedule and not having time to blog much. I am back now to do them again though and am highly looking forward to it.

This week is all about our favourite book genre. It is no surprise to anyone that one of my favourite genre’s is YA. However, I have recently fallen in love with children’s fiction due to my current job and I wanted to do an ode to that specific genre today.

What book genre is your favourite? Or can’t you choose?

Thank you Children’s Fiction for..

1) Your huge range of diverse characters that children can relate to – many of the children’s books I have read recently have had characters of all different races, nationalities and genders.

2) Helping my reluctant readers get into reading – I run a few book clubs each week with reluctant readers and after having chosen books that I think they will enjoy, their love for reading has gone up massively and it’s a joy to see them coming to the clubs each week with such enthusiasm.

3) Helping children with their first steps into reading – without the wide range of children’s fiction out there children wouldn’t be able to start off their reading experience.

4) Keeping us hooked with incredible plots and settings – children’s fiction really plays on the imagination with amazing plots and settings from far off fantasy worlds to true to life contemporary stories.

5) Gorgeous cover art – cover art for children’s books is usually fantastic! Covers are the first thing a child is going to see when choosing a book and the art has a lot to do with wether they want to choose that book or not.

6) Bringing children to libraries all across the world – libraries are vital in communities and schools and having a wide range of children’s fiction stocked will keep children coming in again and again. Thus, hopefully avoiding library closures.

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