Review: The Golden Butterfly by Sharon Gosling

The Golden Butterfly by Sharon Gosling
Published by: Stripes
Released: 2nd May 2019
Page Count: 257 Pages
Edition: Kindle
Rating: 4.5/5 

I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

The Golden Butterfly danced in the air, beautiful and impossible, yet there before their eyes. Then The Magnificent Marko flicked his wand again. There was a shower of sparks, a bang and … The Golden Butterfly vanished.
It’s 1897 and since The Magnificent Marko dramatically departed the stage, no magician has come close to performing a trick as spectacular as The Golden Butterfly. With her grandfather gone, Luciana feels that the world has lost its wonder. Then the imposing leader of the Grand Society of Magicians appears, searching for something belonging to Marko, and Luciana is drawn into a world of danger and deception. As she battles to protect her grandfather’s greatest legacy, can she distinguish reality from illusion?


Ever since magician, the Magnificent Marko departed the stage, no magician has even come close to performing a trick as breathtaking as The Golden Butterfly. When her grandfather passes away, Luciana feels as if the world has lost a little bit of amazement. When the commanding leader of the Grand Society of Magicians appears at Luciana’s home, searching for something belonging to Marko, Luciana is transported into a world of peril and betrayal. Luciana must work out how to protect the legacy of her Grandfather before it is too late.

Wow! The Golden Butterfly was an entrancing, gorgeous, simply stunning work of MG fiction. Everything about it had me mesmerised and caught up in this beautiful world that had been created. I was absorbed into the story almost instantly and because of this I found that I couldn’t put the book and devoured it in less than 24 hours.

The plot was so well pieced together, and as I am a sucker for MG mysteries at the moment I knew from the start that I was going to be taken on one hell of an adventure. The mystery itself, for me was quite easy to figure out but for a younger audience I can imagine it would be extremely thrilling to work out the conundrum behind The Golden Butterfly. It is a fast paced plot but you don’t feel like anything is rushed or skimmed over. In my opinion it is perfectly paced for the story that is being told. Younger readers won’t become bored when reading and will, in fact be rather excited to carry on reading.

The setting was just incredible. I am starting to read more books with historical elements within them and I loved the element of Victorian England that was added to The Golden Butterfly. The detail was so intricate that you could almost feel like you were being transported to 1897. What also stood out to me in The Golden Butterfly was the topic surrounding women’s roles in society in that time era. We read about women only being allowed to be magician’s assistants and ultimately being seen as second class citizens. Throughout the book we see women and girls try to change this stigma and it is really refreshing to see some girl power in MG fiction. It isn’t seen often enough in this genre and I feel it would appeal to many young women.

Luciana, as a main character, was one that I instantly clicked with. She was not prepared to conform to what society thought she should be. She wanted adventure, she wanted excitement and she wanted to prove what she could truly do and be. Her determination was admirable and she could soon be a role model for young girls everywhere. Luciana’s relationships with her grandmother, best friend and other important characters were all relevant to the storyline and none of them felt forced. Fantastic character development was shown throughout The Golden Butterfly.

The only thing that I found a little bit frustrating with The Golden Butterfly was the ending. It ended rather abruptly and although this could leave doors open for a sequel (let’s hope so!). I did want to know just a tiny bit more about what happened to some key characters. This was my only gripe, as the rest was just spectacular

The Golden Butterfly was a beautiful read that had me charmed with its magic, wonder and amazement. It is probably one of the best MG books I have so far this year and I feel that it is going to pretty hard to beat. 

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