Currently Reading Tag

It’s been a while since I’ve done a book tag so I thought I’d change that and do the Currently Reading Tag. I found out about this tag from Faye at A Daydreamers Thoughts. So go and check out her post!

How Many Books Do You Usually Read At Once?

Well, it used to only be one book as I wanted to have all my focus on that one book. However, since becoming a school librarian I have found myself reading at least 3 books all at once. I run book clubs in my job and I like to keep up to date with the latest trends in children’s fiction so I always tend to read 2 books for work purposes, alongside a personal book for myself.

Do You Ever Switch Bookmarks While You’re Partway Through A Book?

No. Not at all. Once I’ve chosen a bookmark to use I am sticking with it. I have a big collection of bookmarks so it’s never an issue finding one to use.

Where Do You Keep The Book(s) You Are Currently Reading?

On my bedside table or in my handbag. I find they are the easiest places for me to keep the books I am currently reading.

What Time of Day Do You Spend The Most Time Reading?

Night time. I do most of my reading in bed before I go to sleep. I find that it just relaxes me and I sleep better if I’ve recently done some reading. 

How Long Do You Typically Read in One Sitting?

It all depends on how much I am enjoying the book. If I am really into it I could read for hours (longest I have read so far this year is 2 hours). If I’m not enjoying the book I could literally only be reading for 15 – 30 minutes before I need to put the book down.

Do You Read Hardbacks With The Dust Jacket On or Off?

Usually with it on. I know if I take it off I’ll just lose it or it’ll get damaged. 

What Position Do You Mainly Use To Read

If I’m reading a proper book I’m sitting up. If I am reading on my kindle I tend to lie down as I know I won’t have the problem of dropping a heavy book on my face.

Do You Take The Book You Are Currently Reading Everywhere You Go?

Yes. You never know when the chance to read will arise. Also for books on my kindle I have the kindle app on my phone just in case I forgot to bring my kindle.

How Often Do You Update Your Goodreads Progress On The Book You’re Currently Reading?

Only when I’ve finished it. I’m really rubbish with Goodreads and I know I really need to up my Goodreads game in the near future.

I am tagging: anyone who wants to do it! And if you do do this tag, send me your links!

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