Review: Bride Squad Runaway by Caroline Grace-Cassidy & Lisa C. Carey (Blog Tour)

Bride Squad Runaway by Caroline Grace-Cassidy & Lisa C. Carey
Published by: Black & White Publishing
Released: 30th May 2019
Page Count: 256 Pages
Edition: Paperback
Rating: 3.5/5 

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Ava O’Hara looks to have it all at almost forty: a dream job at a Dublin gallery, a cottage in the countryside, a très beau co-worker, and a rock star fiancé that her friends call ‘The Tuner’ (aka Simon).

Simon says he loves her, but he’s got a funny way of showing it. And when his indiscretions go public in spectacular fashion on the big day itself, Ava finds herself making an emergency call. Enter best friends Cate and Lauren and a wild Irish road trip filled with creative rage therapy, drunken revelations, perimenopausal and baby body dramas and the kind of brutal honesty that you only find between best friends.

Bride Squad Runaway is a brilliantly wise and warm-hearted story of one of the most long-lasting and supportive relationships a woman can have – friendship. Written for anyone who catches themselves feeling like they’ve delayed ‘real life’ until it’s too late, anyone who’s surrounded by happily married friends with perfect lives, anyone who’s lost their friends to their partner or their children, and those who pride themselves on putting ‘sisters before misters’. 


At first glance it seems like Ava O’Hara has it all; a perfect job in an art gallery, a cottage in the Irish countryside and a rock star fiancé in Simon AKA ‘The Tuner’. First glances can be deceiving, however, and Ava’s life isn’t all perfection. After finding out Simon’s infidelities on their wedding day, Ava and her two best friends Cate and Lauren head off on an spontaneous road trip across Ireland filed with crazy rage therapy, drunken confessions and body dramas that you would only get with your best friends.

I love a good chick lit and road trip stories so I was instantly drawn to Bride Squad Runaway, and I was pleasantly surprised by it. It’s the perfect book to relax with when you just need a good laugh, and at the time of reading it was what I needed. It definitely had the romcom factor that you would expect from this type of book.

First of all, I loved the humour of this book. I am immediately drawn to humorous books, as they perk you up and Bride Squad Runaway did this with me. The crazy things that happened to Ava and her two friends were hilarious and had me chuckling away to myself. At times I was left thinking ‘what could possibly happen next to make this book even funnier?’ and I was almost always surprised when the next funny situation happened. It really does make you feel good when reading.

The plot was really well polished and the road trip element kept me engaged and interested. I love books that have a road trip within them so this was certainly a plus point for me. However, I did find that it took a while for the story to get going, and this did bring it down ever so slightly for me. The ending, mind you, despite being predictable wrapped the story up really nicely and you weren’t left with any unanswered questions.

Ava, was a fully rounded character and she felt so real. She had real life problems that many people could relate to and that’s what I liked about her. She was a lovable character who I felt emotion for many times throughout the book, especially with regards to her relationship with ‘The Tuner’. Her relationship with Cate and Lauren was heartwarming and it was lovely to see strong bonds between three women in their forties, which can be unheard of. 

Bride Squad Runaway was a light-hearted, heart warming, hilarious read that had me captivated for the most part. It is a read that is perfect for those long, relaxing summer days.

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