Almost Adults by Ali Pantony (Book Review & Blog Tour)

Almost Adults by Ali Pantony

Published by: Ebury  

Released: 8th August 2019  

Page Count: 320 Pages  

Edition: Paperback  

Amazon / Waterstones

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


The struggle is real…

Ever managed to kill a succulent after just a few days?
Got seven reminder letters on the kitchen table because you forgot to pay your council tax?
Become a hot mess who’s falling apart because they’ve been broken up with?

Nobody told Mackie, Edele, Alex and Nat (aka the MEAN Girls) that life was going to be this way. They’re busy navigating the joys of adulthood – getting their shit together, breaking up and making up, moving out and moving on. This grown up stuff is hard but at least they’ve got each other.

Welcome to the world of adulting.


As someone who is in their mid twenties I was instantly drawn to Almost Adults and its premise. I often see myself as an ‘almost adult’ and do find it hard to ‘adult’ at times so I was looking forward to seeing how much of this debut book I could relate to.  

Friendship was the main premise of this novel and I loved getting to know each of the characters Mackie, Edele, Alex and Nat as a friendship group. The girls all bounced off each other in such an amazing way and it just made me feel all warm inside. The loyalty and love between them all was so admirable and made me think of my close female friendships and how I long to keep them for, well ever. However, I also enjoyed getting to know the girls individually away from their close knit group. Especially Nat, I must say.

This was a very character driven novel, and there wasn’t any one specific plot. It was mainly the four girls all going through a separate issue and seeing how they worked to overcome it. As someone who enjoys plot driven novels a lot more I did find it slightly hard to get into the story at first and adapt to it. I did, however, enjoy the multiple points of views between the four characters. I felt like I got to know each girl on an individual level and that, in turn, made for great character development. If the book, say was written from one POV it certainly wouldn’t have made the same impact on me

Another thing I liked was how much of the book resonated with myself due to how realistically written it was. I could certainly relate to more than one problem the girls faced, and it was interesting to see how they resolved said problem and compare it to my own way of dealing with it. The realistic tendencies of the book made me stick with it, and for someone who isn’t used to reading character driven novels it did sway me.

Almost Adults was a heartwarming, emotional read driven by intense female friendship and love. Every person in their twenties should definitely be reading this true to life novel about the hardships of adulting and being an ‘almost’ adult.

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