Top Ten Tuesday (Characters I’d Love To Be Besties With)

Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week is all about book characters we’d love to be friends with. There are so many characters that I often imagine being friends with so I’m so glad I get to share these with you this week.

What characters would you like to be best friends with?

Characters I’d Love To Be Friends With

1 ) Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter Series)

Luna is one of my favourite characters throughout the whole of this series and I am just drawn to how unique she is. I’d love to spend days with her hunting for Nargles!

2 ) Scythe Curie (Arc of a Scythe Series)

If I was going to be trained by anyone in this trilogy it would have to be Scythe Curie. I would just love to hear her wise words all day.

3 ) Nina Zenik (Six of Crows Duology)

Nina & I would just eat waffles all day and it would be glorious. Oh..and I suppose she could help me in joining The Dregs.

4 ) Matilda (Matilda)

Matilda is a fellow bookworm. We’d browse library shelves for hours and have conversations that are well…bookish.

5 ) Alex (Alex in Wonderland)

Alex is one of my new favourite characters in YA. I feel like it’d just be fun to hang out with him and play games in arcades.

6 ) Lil Potkin (Potkin and Stubbs)

I want to solve a mystery with Lil Potkin! That is all..

7 ) Tilly Pages (Tilly and The Book Wanderers)

Having the ability to wander into books!? Erm yes please! I feel that Tilly & I would have some amazing adventures going into our favourite books!

8 ) Jack (Jack of Hearts (And Other Parts) )

Jack is just so fierce and I could just imagine us going on such an awesome night out together!

9 ) All of The Ark (I Was Born For This)

This band just sounds amazing to be able to hang out with! Each member has their own distinct personality and I feel like I’d be able to get on with all of them.

10 ) Cath (Fangirl)

As a self confessed fangirl I feel that Cath and I would be able to bond over our love of all things fandom..which isn’t a bad thing!

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (Characters I’d Love To Be Besties With)

  1. Luna! Nina! Cath! So many great picks. You know what? I’m honestly surprised that I haven’t seen Cath pop up on many lists. I feel like she’d be an essential when it comes to fictional friends, you know? Especially for our community! Fangirls unite. Side note: I’ve been meaning to reread Fangirl.


  2. I’ve seen Luna on a lot of lists – she seems to be showing up more than Hermoine. I find that surprising but I also think Luna would be a better friend than Hermoine. Luna would be fun and quirky, where Hermoine might be more annoying. Great list!


  3. Oh, you brave soul, you. I don’t think I’d want to be trained by Scythe Curie, but I’d for sure like to be her friend. Can glean all that wisdom and all the great stories she must have without being scared of her. xD Great picks!

    Here’s my TTT post.


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