Mini Review Monday

Mini Review Monday is a new series that I am starting here on Amy’s Bookish Life. Basically I’m gonna do some mini reviews of books that I have read recently that I haven’t written a long review for. This will be a fortnightly series and I really hope you enjoy!

The Paper & Hearts Society by Lucy Powrie

Tabby Brown is tired of trying to fit in. She doesn’t want to go to parties – in fact, she would much rather snuggle up on the sofa with her favourite book.

It’s like she hasn’t found her people …

Then Tabby joins a club that promises to celebrate books. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING – especially when making new friends brings out an AWKWARD BUZZING feeling all over her body.

But Olivia, Cassie, Henry and Ed have something that makes Tabby come back. Maybe it’s the Austen-themed fancy-dress parties, or Ed’s fluffy cat Mrs Simpkins, or could it be Henry himself …

Can Tabby let her weird out AND live THE BEST BOOKISH LIFE POSSIBLE?

What I Thought

This was such an uplifting read all about the power of books and how they can bring people together. I loved Tabby as a character and how she developed throughout the book from a shy, introverted girl into a confident, happy young woman. The bookish love that radiates from this book is just wonderful and I found myself smiling throughout. The Paper & Hearts Society also tackles some important issues like mental health, bullying and loneliness. Any book lover would enjoy this book just for the pure bookish joy of it! I am really excited for book two.

Lost for Words by Aoife Walsh

Dallas’s life was turned upside down the day her mum was killed in a traffic accident. Now she lives with her brothers, step-sister and her mum’s partner Gemma in a too-small house filled with bickering and grief. As the end of primary school approaches, Dallas learns that the local library has run out of funding and will soon be closing. Dallas decides she cannot let another thing she loves be lost. Together with her friends Aiza and Ruby, and her freewheeling American aunt Jessi, she starts a campaign to save the library for everyone.

A beautifully told tale about family, grief and growing up.

What I Thought

This was such a heartwarming, lighthearted read about one girl’s fight to save her local library from closing. As a librarian myself I could relate to this story a lot as I know how important libraries really are. There are some tough topics that are touched upon such as death, race and neglect but it’s all handled extremely well and I commend the author for that. Dallas was such a fierce main character and I admired her courage, fight and determination. Her friendship with friends Aiza and Ruby was hilarious at times and I just felt like they were all such realistic characters. If you love books, libraries and fighting for what you believe in..this is the perfect book for you!

What books have you read recently that you have loved?

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