Potkin & Stubbs: The Haunting Of Peligan City – Book Launch!

Not many bookish events happen in my town of Ipswich, but when they do they are usually amazing and this one was no different!

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the launch of Potkin & Stubbs: The Haunting of Peligan City at Waterstones Ipswich. It’s the second book in this middle grade detective noir series by Sophie Green. Sophie is such a wonderful person who I have met a few times now! She’s the children’s stock librarian for Suffolk Libraries, and as I am a volunteer YA reviewer for the Suffolk Libraries website I liaise with her a a lot. She’s a big inspiration to me, both as a librarian and a wannabe children’s author.

I was really excited to attend the launch as I loved the first book in the series and had just finished The Haunting of Peligan City the night before and in my opinion it was ever better than book one! I couldn’t wait to celebrate this night with Sophie and lots of other bookish people.

The queue outside Waterstones when I arrived was pretty long, and as I waited I saw a few kids from work there, which was amazing! I love my job as a school librarian and to see some of the children at an event like this just warmed my heart slightly. When we were let in, everyone made their way upstairs to the first floor where it had been transformed into Peligan City! There was food and drink being provided, which included some incredible Potkin & Stubbs themed cupcakes, copies of the book were on sale and a band called The Lockerbillies were playing, which just added to the amazing vibe already in place. I mingled for a while and hung out with friends and fellow bloggers Rose (Life Amongst The Pages) and Eleanor (Cosy Book Corner). I also chatted to some members of the Ipswich Children’s Book Group (of which I am a member of) and some fellow primary school librarians.

Sophie started off the evening by giving thanks to us all for being there and for supporting Lil and Nedly. She also mentioned how important bookshops are and that we should all support them by purchasing books in person instead of shopping for books online. She also spoke about the importance of libraries and as a librarian I agreed with everything she said. Sophie also told us the title of the third book in the series which is….Ghostcatcher! She has finished writing it and I literally need it now! She then read an extract from The Haunting of Peligan City and you could hear a pin drop as everyone at the launch was so engrossed in her words, and it was just lovely to see.

I then went to get my book signed along with Rose and Eleanor. As we were waiting we got given some limited edition items which included a beautiful map of Peligan City and some gorgeous postcards designed by the illustrator Karl J Mountford. I am treasuring mine as they are just so beautiful! Sophie was just as lovely as she was the first time I met her and you could tell how humbled she was with the turnout. She deserves all the success she gets, in my opinion!

A big thanks to all the staff at Waterstones Ipswich for hosting such a great event! I had a wonderful evening celebrating the launch of an amazing book with some great friends, bookish people and one fabulous author!

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