Exclusive Extract of Invisible in a Bright Light (Blog Tour)

Today is my stop on the Invisible in a Bright Light blog tour and I’m really excited to be sharing an exclusive extract with you all!

Invisible in a Bright Light is Sally Gardner’s first middle grade novel for 14 years so it’s really exciting to be taking part in this tour!

A big thank you to Head of Zeus/Zephyr and Jade Gwilliam for giving me the opportunity to take part in this amazing blog tour!

Exclusive Extract

‘Here you are again,’ says the man in the emerald green suit. ‘And too soon, if I may say so.’

‘I don’t know how to play the game,’ says Celeste.

‘What game?’

‘The Reckoning.’

‘Why should you know? I never told you,’ says the man.

‘Does that mean I’ve lost?’ says Celeste.

‘Entirely to the contrary. I think it means that you are very much in the game. If you survive. Which, at the moment, I think is doubtful. You have a very high fever and hundreds of fragments of glass in your skin. It would be a pity if you were to die.’

He leans back in his chair and gazes up.

Celeste thinks she must study this picture, remember it well. What is different from the first time I saw the man in the emerald green suit? she asks herself. Yes, of course, there is no crystal galleon. Everything else is the same – the suit, the… where’s the emerald ring?

Are you drifting off?’ asks the man in the emerald green suit.

No, no. I don’t understand the rules of that game, that’s all.’

‘I wouldn’t call them rules. I hate rules. You heard me wrong. You have to bring me three things. You see, I said it was easy.’

‘What are they?’ asks Celeste.

‘Oh, you’ve asked me that before.’

Celeste hesitates. I haven’t, she thinks. But I’m not the first player.

‘What makes me unique,’ says the man in the emerald green suit, ‘is that I don’t answer questions. You believe in rules that don’t exist. Or perhaps I confused you. Tut, tut, tut.’

‘Three things?’ asks Celeste.

‘Easy, bright and breezy. Three is a good number.’

How best, thinks Celeste, to find out what the things are without asking a direct question?

‘It doesn’t matter,’ she says. ‘I seem to be doing all right without knowing. I’ll just carry on. The three things can’t be of any importance, or you would have said.’

Celeste turns her back on him.

‘One is the song of a bird who can’t sing,’ says the man in the emerald green suit. ‘Two is a play too small for actors. Three is a light that blinds the seeing.’

Celeste feels more lost knowing the three things than she did before. She sighs and says, ‘Then it is no harder than carving an elephant from a grain of rice.’

Invisible in a Bright Light by Sally Gardner

Published by: Zephyr

Released: 17th October 2019

It is 1870: opening night at the Royal Opera House in a freezing city by the sea, where a huge, crystal chandelier in the shape of a galleon sparkles magically with the light of 750 candles.

Celeste, a theatre rat, wakes up in a costume basket from what she hopes is a bad dream, to find that everyone at the theatre where she works thinks she is someone else.

When the chandelier falls, she is haunted by a strange girl who claims to know Celeste’s past and why she must risk playing a game called the Reckoning to try to save the people she loves.

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