Changes I’ve Made To My Reading Life in the Past Few Years (Top Ten Tuesday)

Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is ‘changes to my reading life’. Now, over the past few years I have made a few changes to my reading life and how I perceive reading as a whole. These changes have made reading and blogging a lot less stressful and means I can relax and enjoy reading what I want.

What changes have you made to your reading life recently?

1 ) DNF’ing a book if I’m not enjoying it

A few years ago if I wasn’t enjoying a book I would still carry on reading it, as I felt bad on the author and if I’d brought the book I wanted to get my moneys worth. Now, I have realised that life is too short to read books that I’m not enjoying so I just put them down and don’t feel so guilty.

2) Only requesting review copies of books I will actually read

When I first started blogging the thought of receiving an ARC was so exciting that I would just say yes to every request sent my way, or I would go crazy on Netgalley, requesting every book by a certain publisher. I never stopped to look into the book I was requesting and this, in the end caused me to feel pressured to read it. Nowadays I only request ARC’s that interest me and that I know I will read in the near future.

3) Putting myself on book buying bans

I used to go through stages where I would just buy a few books every week, and this wasn’t good for my bank account or my TBR shelf. Now, I try to put myself on a few book buying bans a year so I can work my way through books that I already have on my shelf, and I’m saving some money.

4) Reading Genres I wouldn’t usually read

I’m a creature of habit and with regards to my book choices I would normally just stick to my favourite genres such as YA. However, I have recently been reading books in genres that I would have never normally have picked up. This, has helped me discover some amazing novels!

5) Listening to audiobooks

I used to be against audiobooks as I didn’t class them as ‘proper books’. Mind you, a few months ago I listened to my first every audiobook and instantly regretted every bad word I’d said about them. Audiobooks are so handy to listen to on bus/train/car journeys and for when you are doing work around the house. Also, since listening to audiobooks I have found that I get through a whole load more books that I used to.

6) Taking a break from reading when I need to

I used to keep on reading a book, even if I was getting into a reading slump or feeling burnt out and that put a lot of pressure on me. Now, if I need to take a break from reading for a few days..I will.

7) Using my local library more

In the past few years I have been using my local library more and more, especially since I started doing reviews for the Suffolk Libraries website. Being able to go into my local library and browse and take books home for free will never get old. They are also vital for your local community!

8) Going to book events without feeling anxious

I have anxiety and a few years ago I would have never gone to a book event, let alone on my own! However, I mustered up courage and have now gone to several events such as YALC, CHCCYA Fest and a few book blogger events on my own. Yes, it is a bit nerve wracking at first, but you soon find that you get talking to fellow book lovers and the nerves just go.

I apologise for not doing 10 but I could only think of 8!

7 thoughts on “Changes I’ve Made To My Reading Life in the Past Few Years (Top Ten Tuesday)

  1. I was just talking to someone about letting a book go if I don’t like it. I usually give about 2 or 3 chapters before giving up. There are just too many other amazing books out there waiting to be discovered for me to waste time on something I’m not enjoying.


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