Amy’s Thoughts on…The International Yeti Collective by Paul Mason

The International Yeti Collective by Paul Mason

Published by: Stripes

Released: 17th October 2019

I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


An epic adventure with big feet and an even bigger heart!

Ella is in the Himalayas with her uncle searching for yeti. But what seems like the adventure of a lifetime is cut short when she realises that these secretive creatures might not want to be found.

Tick knows it’s against yeti law to approach humans. So when some arrive on the mountain, why does he find himself peering through the trees to get a closer look?

What Tick doesn’t know is that his actions will set off a series of events that threaten the existence of yeti all over the world. What can he do to make things right? Just when all hope seems lost, help comes in the most unexpected form…

Amy’s Thoughts

I was looking for a story to read in the winter months, that would make me feel good and when I started reading The International Yeti Collective, I knew I was onto something. It had this real heart-warming vibe that I have come to expect from books just like this.

Firstly, let’s just talk about the Yeti! I LOVED them and found it fascinating reading about their tight knit communities and how they lived their lives. Granted, I wouldn’t want to eat what they ate, but everything else just sounded, well rather awesome. Also, I found the history behind their names to be utterly intriguing, and some even had me chuckling to myself a bit. This unique world that the author created was so original and imaginative and for that he gets a thumbs up.

Plot wise, I’ll admit it did start off rather slowly for me and I did start to wonder when the action was going to kick in. There was a really slow build up, but once the plot got going I was really eager to find out what was going to happen next! I was a bit disappointed at the lack of face to face communication between Ella and Tick, which was what I thought was going to happen, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

Tick, I loved him! He was just an adorable, lovable character who I felt sorry for at certain times throughout the story. His eagerness to protect his friends, family and tribe was admirable and his connection with Ella, despite hardly communicating with her was quite heartwarming. Ella was also a rather determined character, ready to do what was needed to make things right. Her enthusiasm towards protecting the Yeti was just inspiring and I could see her character becoming an animal rights activist.

The International Yeti Collective was an adventurous, unique read that’s full of imagination and wit! It’s a great book to curl up with and read throughout the winter if you want something that will both entertain and fill you with hope.

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