Books That Might Remind People of Me (Six For Sunday)

Six for Sunday is weekly prompt hosted by Steph at A Little But A Lot where we are encouraged to give our opinions on a certain topic or a book-related theme.

This week’s topic is ‘books that people associate with you’ and I’m so excited to do this one! There are a few books that people in the past have said reminded them of me and to be honest I felt quite honoured.

What books do people associate with you?

1 . Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Image result for harry potter and the philosopher's stone book

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and everyone I’m close to knows it. Whenever something Harry Potter crops up in day to day life I am always asked or told about it. This is especially noticeable when my family are watching quiz shows or we’re playing games and a Harry Potter question comes up.

2 . Matilda by Roald Dahl

Image result for matilda roald dahl

Matilda is the ultimate bookworm and I like to think I follow in her footsteps. My close family and friends seem to agree and every single birthday or Christmas I seem to receive something Matilda related. Most recently I got a Matilda travel coffee cup from a work colleague!

3. Sycthe by Neal Shusterman

Image result for scythe neal shusterman

Scythe has become one of my favourite books of all time and everyone knows it! No matter what the conversation is I’m having I will always get Scythe in there somewhere and everyone I’m close to knows to expect it.

4. The Fault in our Stars by John Green


I adore this book and everyone knows it! My mum made me a Fault in our Stars birthday cake for my 21st birthday and I’ve known people to read it as they knew I loved it. Not bad going really.

5. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer


Okay, so, I was a teenager smack bang in the middle of the Twilight epidemic and I latched on..hard! I was obsessed with the series and even now when someone happens to see something Twilight related I’m always told about it. I have definitely evolved since my Twilight loving days but still…

6. The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo


I am obsessed with Leigh Bardugo and The Grisha Trilogy was the first series by her that I read and oh boy I was sucked in! Recommending it to anyone who hasn’t read it is what I do best and I know people that have caved in and read it.

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