Amy’s Thoughts On….Anna Gain And The Same Sixty Seconds and Five Ways To Make a Friend (Mini Review Monday)

Welcome to another Mini Review Monday! This week I’m going to be talking about two middle grade books that were both kindly gifted to me by the lovely guys at Barrington Stoke. I love Barrington Stoke books as they are suitable for children who are reluctant readers or who have dyslexia. They are short, sweet and easy to read and I just love them!

Have you read any novels published by Barrington Stoke?

Anna Gain and the Same Sixty Seconds by Guy Bass

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Published by: Barrington Stoke

Released: 15th February 2020

Ever-punctual Anna Gain is never late, and she’s certainly never late for the school bus. Every day she catches it in perfect time. But not today. After a series of absurd events cause Anna to miss the bus, she’s transported one minute back in time – only to be stuck re-living the same sixty seconds again … and again … and again ...

Is fate trying to teach Anna a lesson? And will she ever escape? A laugh-out-loud and punny take on ‘Groundhog Day’ from a top-notch author-illustrator pairing, particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant or dyslexic readers aged 8+

This was a real feel good, read that had me laughing out loud for its entirety. Seeing how Anna got increasingly frustrated with her situation made for great humour and I could see how this would appeal to younger readers. I loved her character and how she almost got her comeuppance regarding her always being on time. You also really feel for her in a way and her panic becomes your panic and I loved that about this book. It’s a real comical read, paired with amazing illustrations that will have any child howling on the floor with laughter.

Five Ways to Make a Friend by Gillian Cross

Image result for five ways to make a friend gillian cross

Published by: Barrington Stoke

Released: 15th January 2020

It’s Ella’s first day at her new school and she wants to find a friend. But it’s really hard. The girls aren’t interested in her and she doesn’t have the courage to just join in … When she finds a book about making friends Ella decides to try out the tips it recommends. With five excellent ideas up her sleeve, Ella will be friends with the girls in no time … Right?

This was yet another short but sweet read that touches on a topic that all youngsters have trouble with at some point in their lives…making friends. It really takes you into the anxiety that some children have with regards to socialising and meeting new people. I really did feel for Ella throughout the book. She tried so hard to try and make friends with the girls when they just weren’t interested. I could say this is a ‘kids can be cruel’ scenario, which in a way it was. I enjoyed the ending of the story and seeing Ella get happiness made me smile. I feel that this is a perfect read for any child who does struggle to make friends, as it will show them that they aren’t alone.

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