Amy’s Thoughts On..Run, Rebel by Manjeet Mann (Blog Tour)

Run, Rebel by Manjeet Mann

Published by: Penguin

Released: 5th March 2020

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Thank you to Penguin Random House Children’s for allowing me to be part of this blog tour.


I am restless, my feet need to fly.

Amber is trapped – by her father’s rules, by his expectations, by her own fears.

Now she’s ready to fight – for her mother, for her sister, for herself.

Freedom always comes at a price.

Run, Rebel is a trailblazing verse novel that thunders with rhythm, heart and soul – perfect for fans of Sarah Crossan, Elizabeth Acevedo and Rupi Kaur.

Amy’s Thoughts…

TW: Domestic abuse, alcoholism, arranged marriage, bullying.

I have only recently started reading novels written in verse, but from those I have read I have loved. So, I knew from the get go that I needed to read Run, Rebel and immerse myself in beautiful verse once more. From the moment I opened the book and started reading I already knew this was going to mesmerise and captivate me.

Run, Rebel follows teenager Amber, who lives with her parents who speak little English and are illiterate. Her father, an alcoholic, is abusive to her mother both physically and mentally, and wants Amber to conform to his ideals, just like her sister did. Amber, however, wants to break away, make her own choices, live her own life the way she wants and achieve her dream of being a professional athlete. Amber wants to rebel.

WOW! What a read. Run, Rebel literally blew me away so much that I read it in just two sittings – I found it really hard to put down. The writing was stunning, almost lyrical and I honestly was in awe of the author for being so talented at writing verse. Everything just flowed together so well, and I feel that if the story was told in a different way it wouldn’t have been so impactful. Also, despite the subject matter, you can get through it rather quickly, it’s almost as if the writing is going at the same pace as Amber running, wanting to keep going despite everything.

Like I mentioned the subject matter within this book is quite heavy and could trigger some people. Mind you, it is all dealt with in such a sensitive way as to not purposely trigger any readers. There were a few scenes that I did find hard to read, but I kept going as I knew there was going to be a light at the end of the dark tunnel. Despite being harrowing at times, Run, Rebel is ultimately a story of hope and that keeps you going when reading.

Amber was a heroine who, yes was flawed, but everyone has their faults and this is what made her feel all the much more real to me. I admired her determination and strength to choose her own life and how she did rebel against all the negativity in her life. Yes, she did make mistakes along the way but that essentially made me root for her more. In my opinion she was such a strong, feminist character and I love that!

Run, Rebel was such a beautiful, heartfelt read full of hope and also courage. This is one book that I will be thinking about for months to come and one that will always stick with me..I can promise you that.

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