March Releases I Am Excited For

March is shaping up to be a great month for new book releases, many of which I am excited for! My TBR is ever growing and I’m not even sure if thats a good or bad thing anymore!

What books are you excited for this month?

And The Stars Were Burning Brightly by Danielle Jwando

Released on: 5th March

When fifteen-year-old Nathan discovers that his older brother Al has taken his own life, his whole world is torn apart.
Al was special.
Al was talented.
Al was full of passion and light…so why did he do it?
Convinced that his brother was in trouble, Nathan begins to retrace his footsteps. And along the way, he meets Megan. Al’s former classmate, who burns with the same fire and hope, who is determined to keep Al’s memory alive. But when Nathan learns the horrifying truth behind his brother’s suicide, one question remains – how do you survive, when you’re growing up in the age of social media?

Why I’m Excited/Need To Read It

I love a good YA Contemporary and this book sounded right up my street! I was also drawn in by the subject matters within the book, as I feel that they should be spoken about more! Luckily I was sent an e-arc of this via Netgalley and I devoured it! My full review can be found here.

Ghostcatcher (Potkin and Stubbs #3) by Sophie Green

Released on: 5th March

Peligan City is still haunted and City Hall’s initiative to solve the problem is an outfit called Ghostcatcher. Every night they patrol the streets with their high-tech equipment, following reports of spectral activity. But they are only hunting one spook now; the Herald calls it the Final Ghost and it is public enemy number one.

But to Lil Potkin he is Nedly Stubbs, her investigative partner and best friend.
Luckily, Nedly has Lil on his side. Now an apprentice reporter for the Klaxon, she manages to talk her way into a job shadowing intrepid journalist Marsha Quake, who is writing a feature on Ghostcatcher.

With Lil’s help Nedly is able to stay one step ahead of the game, but for how long?

Why I’m Excited/ Need to Read It

I love the Potkin and Stubbs series and Ghostcatcher is the final book in the trilogy. I am eager to see how it ends and if all the loose ends from the last two books get tied up. Also, Sophie Green is a fantastic writer and I just adore her work.

Run, Rebel by Manjeet Mann

Released on: 5th March 2020

I am restless, my feet need to fly.

Amber is trapped – by her father’s rules, by his expectations, by her own fears.

Now she’s ready to fight – for her mother, for her sister, for herself.

Freedom always comes at a price.

Run, Rebel is a trailblazing verse novel that thunders with rhythm, heart and soul – perfect for fans of Sarah Crossan, Elizabeth Acevedo and Rupi Kaur.

Why I’m Excited/Need To Read It

I am really loving novels written in verse lately and as soon as I heard about the premise of Run, Rebel I knew I had to read it. Luckily Penguin Children’s sent me an ARC of the book, and it was stunning! Find my full review here.

Grief Angels by David Owen

Released on: 5th March

15-year-old Owen Marlow is experiencing a great, disorienting loss after his father suddenly passed away and his mother moved them to a new town. None of his old friends knew how to confront his grief, so he’s given up on trying to make new ones. There is one guy at school who might prove to be different if he gives him a chance but lately, Owen has been overwhelmed by his sadness. He’s started to have strange, powerful hallucinations of skeletal birds circling above him. Owen tells himself that these visions are just his brain’s way of trying to cope – until one night, the birds descend and take him to an otherworldly forest. There, he is asked to go on a dangerous journey that promises to bring him the understanding he so desperately seeks – if he can survive it.

Grief Angels is an urgent and heartfelt look at the power of nostalgia and the many different forms of grief. It’s about young men learning how to share their stories, and teens discovering who they are, and who they might one day become.

Why I’m Excited/Need To Read It

I loved David Owen’s last book All The Lonely People so I was eager to see what he was releasing next. Grief Angels sounds like it’s going to be an intense, emotional read all about toxic masculinity and depression told in a unique way. I am all for that.

Harley in the Sky by Akemi Dawn Bowman

Harley in the Sky

Released on: 10th March

Harley Milano has dreamed of being a trapeze artist for as long as she can remember. With parents who run a famous circus in Las Vegas, she spends almost every night in the big top watching their lead aerialist perform, wishing with all her soul that she could be up there herself one day.

After a huge fight with her parents, who continue to insist she go to school instead, Harley leaves home, betrays her family and joins the rival traveling circus Maison du Mystère. There, she is thrust into a world that is both brutal and beautiful, where she learns the value of hard work, passion and collaboration. But at the same time, Harley must come to terms with the truth of her family and her past—and reckon with the sacrifices she made and the people she hurt in order to follow her dreams.

Why I’m Excited/Need To Read It

Harley in the Sky just sounds like a real thought on, beautiful YA contemporary which I would love to get stuck into. I also love a book with a circus theme so there is that too.

Fight Like A Girl by Sheena Kamal

Released on: 10th March

It’s been a month since Trisha’s dad was killed, wandering out drunk in front of the car Trisha is driving, and her mother grabs the wheel. To try to avoid him? To try NOT to avoid him? Trisha doesn’t know exactly what happened that night, but she’s afraid it’s going to happen again …

Love and violence. In some families they’re bound up together, dysfunctional and poisonous, passed from generation to generation like eye colour or a quirk of smile. Eighteen-year-old Trisha’s trying to break the chain, channelling her violent impulses into Muay Thai kickboxing, an unlikely sport for a slightly built girl of Indian descent. She’s the Canadian daughter of Trinidadian parents, whose own ancestors came over as indentured servants from India, replacing the Africans in the sugar fields after slavery was abolished. All that love and violence, identities warped and lost, passed on to her family, played out in every punch her father lands on her mother. Until the night he wanders out drunk in front of Trisha’s car, and everything changes for ever.

Why I’m Excited/Need To Read It

I am always interested to read YA featuring POC and also, Fight Like A Girl sounds like it’s going to be an intense read with a strong female character. I’m not sure if I’m gonna like the sports side of it, but I am confident it will stick with me.

Pretty Funny by Rebecca Elliot

Released on: 19th March

Haylah Swinton is fairly confident she’s brilliant at being a girl. She’s an ace best friend, a loving daughter, and an INCREDIBLY patient sister to her four-year-old total nutter of a brother, Noah. But she has a secret. She wants to be a stand-up comedian, but she’s pretty sure girls like her – big girls, girls who don’t get all the boys, girls who a lot of people don’t see – don’t belong on stage.

That hasn’t stopped her dreaming though, and when the seemingly perfect opportunity to write routines for older, cooler, impossibly funny Leo arises… well, what’s a girl to do? But is Leo quite an interested in helping Haylah as he says he is? Will Haylah ever find the courage to step into the spotlight herself? And when will people stop telling her she’s ‘funny for a girl’?!

Why I’m Excited/Need To Read It

Pretty Funny sounds like it’s going to be a real fun feminist read with plus size rep..which I am all for! There’s not many YA books with plus size rep so I’m really intrigued to see how the author portrays the character of Haylah.

7 thoughts on “March Releases I Am Excited For

  1. Ooh, great lits! Wou’ve made me want to do a March Anticipated releases post. I don’t read much outside of fantasy/sci-fi, so I can imagine they’d be pretty different lists!


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