Amy’s Monthly Wrap Up – March

Well March was a strange month wasn’t it? It kicked off the start of a very uncertain period here in UK and all over the world and although we are currently on lockdown I am trying to stay as positive as I can.

Because of all this uncertainty, I definitely wasn’t as focused on reading as I would have been and I only read five books during the month. It’s still a good number I guess, but it’s not my average.

How many books did you read in March? How are you coping with all the madness that is going on right now?

My March Reads

Fight Like A Girl by Sheena Kamal

I really, really wanted to like this one, as I am always looking for a book with diverse characters and mystery. However, this fell short for me. I just couldn’t get on with the writing style and found the story dragged. Also, as this book does feature the main character being involved in Muay Thai kickboxing and I found it hard to understand many of those references. It’s a shame as I was really looking forward to reading this.

Ghostcatcher (Potkin and Stubbs #3) by Sophie Green

I adore the Potkin and Stubbs series and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the final book, Ghostcatcher. It certainly didn’t disappoint, I can tell you that! You are thrust into the action from the first chapter and you really don’t want to stop reading. The fast paced plot really does leave you wanting more and by the time I reached the end I had to let out a sigh of relief. In my opinion, Ghostcatcher was such a fitting way to end such an incredible trilogy and I will solely miss Lil, Nedly, Abe and the gang.

Grief Angels by David Owen

Grief Angels was beautifully written story that brought topics such as loss, depression and toxic masculinity to the forefront of your mind. The fantasy elements within it were very unique, but I did find myself somewhat confused by them and I felt that it was all a bit unclear. However, the contemporary elements were superb and I really did find myself becoming invested in the lives of Owen and Duncan. Full review here.

Nothing Ever Happens Here by Sarah Hagger-Holt

This was a real heartwarming story full of empathy about one family as they come to terms with one them coming out as trans. It was written in such a poignant way and really did open my eyes to a topic that I did have knowledge of, but not enough. I was moved by everything that happened throughout the story and there were times where I did well up. We need more stories like this within the middle grade genre and I commend the author for writing this stunning book.

A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer

I don’t know why it took me so long to read this book as it was INCREDIBLE! I do love a good retelling of Beauty and the Beast and this one blew my mind! I was captivated from the very start and found it hard to put the book down. The intertwining of modern day Washington D.C. and the kingdom of Emberfall was genius and it really does show that two completely different settings can mix to create something special. Also, Harper was such a kick ass character! I loved her determination and loyalty and how she didn’t let her disability get in the way. I am so pumped to read A Heart So Fierce and Broken ASAP.

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