Amy does the ‘Would You Rather?’ book tag

Happy Saturday! Today I am going to be taking part in the ‘Would You Rather?’ book tag. I was tagged to do this by my wonderful friend Rose at Life Amongst The Pages, so thank you Rose! I’m excited to answer Rose’s questions and come up with my own.

The Rules

1. Answer the questions given to you by your nominator 

2. Make your own questions and tag others

Would You Rather?

1. Would you rather only own hardback books for the rest of your life or paperbacks?

Paperbacks hands down! I do love a good hardback but they aren’t very practical for travelling purposes. Plus paperbacks are usually cheaper, so it saves me money, every little helps!

2. Would you rather only read fantasy for a year or contemporary for a year?

This is an easy one for me…it has to be contemporary. I adore contemporary fiction, especially contemporary YA and to be honest it is the genre that I read the most of throughout the year anyway.

3. Would you rather have a friend who loses your books, or one who dog-ears them?

As much as I hate to say it, I’m going to have to say one who dog-ears them. If someone lost a book I’d lent them I’d literally cry. I need all my books to be together on my book shelf and if one is missing I just go a bit mad.

4. Would you rather be stuck on a very long plane or train ride without a book?

I hate long haul flights, so I’d have to say a long train ride. At least on a train ride you can look outside at scenery and the such. Plus I’d be able to listen to music if I had my phone and headphones on me, so I wouldn’t get bored.

5. Would you rather have someone ruin the ending of a book for you or never finish a book you were reading?

Tough question! It all depends on if I’m enjoying the book or not. I also hate spoilers so for me it’s never finish a book I was reading.

6. Would you rather not read for a week or not blog for a week?

Not blog, as I have done this before when I’ve been on a blogging hiatus. I would definitely go crazy if I couldn’t read for a week…it’s literally the main thing I do.

7. Would you rather forget all your favourite series and discover them all over again or remember all the details of every book you’ve ever read?

I’d rather forget all my favourite series and discover them all over again. I have often wondered how I would feel reading some of my all time favourite series for the first time as an adult, so this is a very fitting answer for me.

8. Would you rather never be able to lend a book from a library or never be able to reread a book?

Most certainly never be able to reread a book. I’m not a big rereader anyway. I love my local library however, so I would be devastated if I couldn’t go in for a browse and borrow some books. It terrifies me just thinking about it!

9. Would you rather have all the time to read all the books you want or the money to buy all the books you want?

All the time for sure! I have such a huge TBR pile and if I could just have lots of time to read and finish them all, that would be fab!

10. Would you rather a high quality, but very loose adaptation of a book or a poorly made, but very faithful adaptation of a book?

A poorly made, faithful adaption! After all the story is the most important thing when reading and if it wasn’t a great one then you wouldn’t want to read on, surely?

My Questions

1. Would you rather read a book where the page was missing or a book where the author doesn’t know the difference between there, their, and they’re?

2. Would you rather have dinner with your favourite author or your favourite character?

3. Would you rather be in a fantasy book or a dystopian book?

4. Would you rather wait five years for the final instalment in a series or get it now, but must read every spoiler before you can start reading it?

5. Would you rather read a book with no page numbers or no chapter numbers?

6. Would you rather live in your favourite fictional world for a day or be able to or be able to visit that fictional world whenever you want but only as an observer?

7. Would you rather read a novel based on a true story of someone you know or a fictional novel where a character is based on you?

8. Would you rather volunteer as tribute for someone you love in the Hunger Games or have someone you love volunteer to take your place?

9. Would you rather own a signed edition or a first edition?

10. Would you rather only read your favourite genre for the rest of your life or every genre but your favourite?

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