Amy’s Thoughts On…The Miracle on Ebenezer Street by Catherine Doyle

The Miracle on Ebenezer Street by Catherine Doyle

Published By: Puffin

Released: 1st October 2020

CAWPILE Rating: 7.1 / 4 ★

Book Depository / Waterstones

I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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George is about to spend his third Christmas without his mum. Since she died, George’s life has felt dull and grey; his dad has thrown himself into his work and has no time for family, and definitely no time for Christmas.

Then, George stumbles across Marley’s Curiosity Shop. There he finds a mysterious snow globe, which – though George can’t quite understand how – appears to show a scene from George’s past. A Christmas in which he and his family were together, and happy…

That night, George and his dad are swept on an adventure to three Christmases – past, present, and future. With help from new friends, and just a touch of magic, can they begin living life in full colour again?

A stunning modern reimagining of Charles Dickens’ beloved classic, A Christmas Carol.

Amy’s Thoughts

A Christmas Carol is one of my all-time favourite classics and I read the book every Christmas and watch the many adaptations during this time (my favourite being The Muppet Christmas Carol). So, when I heard about a modern middle-grade reimagining of one of my favourite classics, I was already sold! I was excited to get straight into The Miracle on Ebenezer Street and see what adventures I was in for.

This is George’s third Christmas without his mum. Ever since she passed away his life is dull. His Dad has thrown himself into his work and has no time to celebrate Christmas or spend time with his family. One day George stumbles across a curious shop, run by a mysterious man called Marley. There he picks up a snow globe, which seems to show George a Christmas where his family were all together and happy. That very same night George and his father are swept into a magical experience where they see three Christmases, one from the past, present and future. With a little help from some new friends and some magic will George and his dad start living life to the full again?

The Miracle on Ebenezer Street first and foremost had me feeling utterly Christmassy throughout. It’s ultimately a story of love, family and friendship, which in my opinion is what Christmas is all about. It had me laughing, crying and at times my heart felt so full. This book fills you up with the joys of Christmas and does get you thinking about the true meaning of it as a whole. I can honestly say that you will finish reading this book feeling full of gratitude, love and festive cheer.

Plot-wise, it certainly follows the original plot of A Christmas Carol slightly, but with its twists which were perfect for a middle-grade audience. I loved the little references to the original tale, which included names, places and a few references to Charles Dickens himself. The adventures that George, his dad and his Nanna Flo went on through the past, present and future were filled with wonderment, but they also had that emotional edge that brought tears to my eyes on many separate occasions.

The characters within The Miracle on Ebenezer Street are what made the story for me if I’m being honest. Each one we meet had their unique personality and emotions which made your heart break at times and feel full at others. George, well he just melted my heart. You could tell how badly he wanted his dad to feel full of hope and joy again and what extremes he was willing to go through to get him to be full of Christmas spirit again. Marley was so mysterious and I found myself being drawn to him, not only due to the Christmas Carol reference but due to how he helped George, even if he didn’t realise. However, my favourite character had to be Nanna Flo, she was just a delight to read about and she jumped off the page, straight into my mind many times. I adored her positivity, her love, her optimism and her lust for adventure. Everyone should have a Nanna like her.

The Miracle on Ebenezer Street was the perfect, festive tale to cosy up with. It’s full of magic, wonderment and love that will leave your heart feeling full and wanting to celebrate Christmas to no end. It’s certainly going to be a book that I reread every Christmas season from now on.

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