My Bookish Achievements of 2020 (Six For Sunday)

Six for Sunday is weekly prompt hosted by Steph at A Little But A Lot where we are encouraged to give our opinions on a certain topic or a book-related theme.

This weeks topic is ‘Bookish Wins of 2020’. This topic is all about what bookish things we were proud of in 2020. Now, I had a few bookish things I was very proud of achieving in 2020 and I think 2020 was my best bookish year so far, since I started blogging.

What were your bookish wins of 2020?

1) Being shortlisted for a blogging award

I got shortlisted in the Best Established category in the UKYABA’s, and to say I was shocked would have been an understatement. I didn’t end up winning the award, but I was still extremely proud and honoured to have been shortlisted.

2) Taking part in my first ever panel

To coincide with the UKYABA’s, a few online panels took place with the shortlistees in each category. I took part in the best bookish pics panels, and despite being highly nervous as it was my first panel, I think I did pretty well. It was great to have that experience too.

3) Hosted a Twitter Chat

In May, I was asked to host a twitter chat for #MGTakeover by the lovely C.G. Moore. I was asked to host the Dazzling Debuts chat with authors Maria Kuzinar, Sarah Hagger-Holt and Jenny Pearson. It was such great fun, and I would love to host one again!

4) Read 100 Books

My goal in 2020 was to read 100 books, and I completed this with a few days to spare! It’s the most books I’ve ever read in a year, and I was pretty proud. This year, I have decided to lower my reading goal mind you.

5) Increased my following

In 2020 I started working hard to increase my following on my blog, twitter and instagram, and it seemed to work. Not only do I get to see my bookish content on my feed, I get to connect with more book lovers!

6) Read throughout the lockdown

Lockdown was tough on everyone, myself included, but I found that reading really did help me relax and forget about what was going on, even for a little while. I also managed to read a fair few books and take part in a few readathons throughout lockdown, so that helped too.

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