Sarah Hagger-Holt’s Top 5 LGBT Middle Grade Reads (Proud of Me Blog Tour)

Today is my stop on the Proud of Me blog tour and I’m so excited to share with you the author, Sarah Hagger-Holt’s top 5 LGBT Middle Grade reads.

Proud of Me is Sarah’s second LGBT middle grade book and it’s INCREDIBLE! It’s my first five star read of 2021 and I literally could not put it down. My review of this outstanding read will be coming very soon, and I urge you all to pick up this book.

A big thank you to Usborne for allowing me to be part of this amazing blog tour and please do go and check out the other stops on the tour.

Five of my favourite Middle Grade reads with LGBTQ characters – Sarah Hagger-Holt

The Secrets of Billie Bright – Susie Day

Image result for The Secrets of Billie Bright – Susie Day

I could have picked any of Susie Day’s books, but this one is my favourite. The relationships between 11-year-old Billie and her brothers are beautifully drawn, especially with her oldest brother Gabriel and his larger-than-life boyfriend Alexei. It also examines the impact on a whole family when one member cannot accept another.

Love, Frankie – Jacqueline Wilson

Image preview

Is it Middle Grade? Is it Young Adult? Who cares? – I loved Frankie! This book is not about someone realising – shock, horror – that she’s gay, it’s about her realising that she’s fallen for someone who’s nothing but trouble (we’ve all done it). Because of the size of Jacqueline Wilson’s audience, a whole generation of awkward, early-teen lesbians now have a new role model in Frankie.

Witch Week – Diana Wynne-Jones

Image preview

This is a school story mixed with magic (sound familiar?). I read it as a child and re-read it repeatedly as an adult – loving the characters, dialogue and edge-of-your-seat excitement. But since a recent tweet pointed out that this could be read as a group of queer kids finding their own path, I’ve loved it even more. How could I not have seen this before?

Strangeworlds: Edge of the Ocean – LD Lapinski

Image result for Strangeworlds: Edge of the Ocean – LD Lapinski

More adventure – this time on the high seas with pirates, mermaids and magic. It’s not so much that this book has LGBTQ characters (although it does), it’s more that it has a queer way of seeing the world running through it. It’s not so much in-your-face as in your heart.

Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow – Benjamin Dean

Image result for Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow – Benjamin Dean

If you want to find a diversity of LGBTQ characters, look no further than this book. From drag queens to sixth-formers to lesbian mums (and gay dads) – there’s a place for everyone here (and that place is Pride!). This book shows readers that there’s no one way to be LGBTQ and we are all stronger together.

Proud of Me by Sarah Hagger-Holt

Image result for proud of me sarah hagger holt

Published By: Usborne

Released: 4th February 2021


Becky and Josh are almost-twins, with two mums and the same anonymous donor dad.

Josh can’t wait until he’s eighteen, the legal age when he can finally contact his father, and he’ll do anything to find out more ­­­- even if it involves lying.

Becky can’t stop thinking about her new friend, Carli. Could her feelings for Carli be a sign of something more?

Becky and Josh both want their parents to be proud of them…but right now, they’re struggling to even accept themselves.

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