Libby’s Guide to Movie Fashion (Mina and the Undead takeover)

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will know that I have been shouting about Mina and the Undead – an upcoming debut YA Horror novel by Amy McCaw. I have read a proof copy of the book and it’s incredible (my review will be coming on release day on 1st April!). A few weeks ago I took a character quiz to see what character from the book I am most like, and I got Libby! So, today Libby will be taking over my blog and sharing with you her guide to movie fashion. Take it away Libby!

Libby’s Guide to Movie Fashion

So you want to know about 80s and 90s movie fashion? Good for you. If you don’t knowyour Cher from your Sidney, let me break it down.

The Lydia (Beetlejuice)

To try out this defining 80s look, it’s all about the black: black eyeliner, clothes, chokers and chains. For the truly committed, go for the black backcombed do too. You really can’t go too outlandish if you want to channel Lydia. Veils, lashings of lace and wide-brimmed hats are all fair game. Let your goth flag fly with this one.

The Heather (Heathers)

The Heathers . . . as hot and stylish as they are mean – basically girls after my own heart. Go for blazers with big shoulder pads, bold colours and some serious co-ordination with your friends. Big hair and scrunchies are also the order of the day. Get your girls onside and bring back 80s fashion!

The Star (The Lost Boys)

Oh Star . . . Think floaty white dress and untamed hair, with a hot vampire boyfriend as an optional accessory. I could totally pull that off, minus the boyfriend part. For makeup, accentuate those brows and dig out the highlighter. Glow like a star.

The Cher (Clueless)

In this movie, Alicia Silverstone pulls off outfits most of us can only dream of. Imagine a yellow checked skirt with a matching jacket and waistcoat. Or how about a sleeveless cropped vest with a white shirt underneath it? Berets, cardigans with fluffy cuffs . . . Cher wears it all and looks great doing it. Make-up is pretty natural with a nude or glossy lip.

The Sidney (Scream)

Aim for girl next door, and you’ll probably not fall far from Sidney Prescott. Denim or checked shirts, denim jackets, cosy sweatshirts or cardigans . . . you get the idea. My favourite part of the Sidney look is that chunky fringe – classic.

The Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

We’re talking TV show Buffy here. The less said about what passes for fashion in the movie, the better. TV Buffy usually has it right: red or black leather jacket paired with a simple cross necklace (a fashion choice that slays every time). Hair either sleek and straight or up in a butterfly clip.

The Nancy (The Craft)

If batshit crazy is more your thing, check out Nancy’s style. The girl looks wild, even though I’m not afraid to admit she scares me. Nancy does punky school girl in the day, with long beads and spiked collars paired with a distressed school uniform. Her night look is all about the layers of black, with big-sleeved sheer shirts over vests and leather. Try dark, heavy make-up and you’ve got it.

Thanks for reading my fashion post. You can go now.   

Images created by Rachael at Scorpio Book Dreams.

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