Easter Readathon 2021 TBR

Yellow banner with pink, yellow, and green flowers at the bottom. The text reads: Easter Readathon 2021 with two illustrated rabbits underneath.

Easter Readathon is back for the fourth year in a row! The readathon was created and is hosted by the wonderful Kate at Reading Through Infinity. The readathon takes place throughout the Easter weekend and this year is taking place between 2nd – 5th April. I have taken part for two years, and this will be my third year of participating and I’m so excited. It’s such a relaxed, chilled out readathon and it gives me the excuse to read lots of books whilst eating easter eggs.

Kate has created some prompts for you to do, if you fancy, but this isn’t mandatory. I will be following the prompts as it helps me pick up books that have been on my TBR for a while. If you want to know more details do go and check out Kate’s announcement post.

Banner with the readathon prompts listed. Prompt 1: Read a book that gives you spring vibes. Prompt 2: Read a book about new beginnings. Prompt 3: Read a book that's under 250 pages. Prompt 4: Read a book with a pastel cover.

Anyway, here is my TBR for the Easter Readathon 2021.

Easter Readathon 2021 TBR

1. Read a book that gives you spring vibes


Felix Ever After has been on my radar for a while now, and I do love a LGBTQ+ read, so I’m excited to dive into this one. Also, the cover is gorgeous and gives me all those spring like vibes!

2. Read a book about new beginnings

51203579. sy475

I have never read a book by Sara Barnard before, and I’ve wanted to for a while. I have a proof copy of Destination Anywhere, and from the premise it certainly sounds like it will fit this prompt. Also in today’s climate I’m sure many of us are dreaming of the day when we can get on a plane and go to a new destination.

3. Read a book that’s under 250 pages

36156268. sx318

I recently finished the first three books in the ACOTAR series, so A Court of Frost and Starlight is next on my list. I adore this series so much, and can’t wait to have more of it in my life!

4. Read a book with a pastel cover

56440612. sy475

I read Elle’s debut, A Kind of Spark last year and adored it! So, it was only natural for me to want to read her second book, Show Us Who You Are. It sounds incredible, and from reviews that I’ve read I know I’m going to have my heart broken.

Are you taking part in the Easter Readthon? If so what’s on your TBR?

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