What is Love?

What is love?Is it in what we see?When you look into each other's eyesAnd watch them gleamIs it in what we hear?Them sweet noisesThat we cherish so dearIs it in how we feel?When we hold someone closeThat it doesn't seem realIs it in what's inside?Those feelings that can't escapeAnd cannot hideIs it different to each … Continue reading What is Love?

I Wake Up

I wake up to the glow of the morning sunMy glorious day has just begunWhat will happen I cannot say?But I will find something, come what mayI could go and read under the treesAnd feel the gentle summer breezeI could drink tea with an old friendAnd talk for hours on endI could find the love … Continue reading I Wake Up

The Meadow

She closes her eyes and she's transported thereTo a beautiful meadow without a careShe feels at peace, like nothing will go wrongShe feels like dancing, like singing a songShe walks around with such easeShe feels the grass, the flowers, the breezeThe sun it shines, sparkling all aroundAnd birds make the most beautiful soundShe really is … Continue reading The Meadow