The Twisted Tree ‘All Hallows Eve’ Proof Party

So, last month I was invited to a special event hosted by the lovely guys at Hot Key Books. This event was the ‘All Hallows Eve’ proof party to celebrate The Twisted Tree by Rachel Burge. I had already read an E-ARC of this book (review can be found here) and LOVED it, so I couldn’t wait to go to this event. It was also the first book event I had been invited to as a blogger so this meant I was over the moon with excitement.

The event took place at the Hot Key Books offices in Wimpole street in London (very near Bond Street station!). When I first entered the event space I was amazed at how incredible it looked! Lights were dimmed, there were candles lit, crows everywhere and there was just a spooky atmosphere hanging in the air. I also got to say hi to Rachel, who recognised me from twitter..which was amazing! I also ended up recognising and speaking to a few fellow bloggers that I knew via book twitter. Whilst we waited for the event to start we were offered drinks and I obviously took a glass of red wine..I was at my first book blogger event how could I not!? 

The first part of the event involved Rachel talking firstly about herself and how she got into writing. As a wannabe author myself I always enjoy listening to writers talk about how they started writing and how they get inspiration. She then proceeded to talk about The Twisted Tree, what inspired her to write it and the writing process overall. I was particularly interested in how norse mythology plays such a big part in the book and how Rachel wove it into the story so well. Rachel then did a reading from the book which made me fall in love with it all over again..a reread is due!

After that, Shaman and Tarot Reader, Maddy Elruna came up to introduce herself and talk about her work. Maddy is a big believer in Norse Mythology and I loved hearing her talk about this in such a passionate way. It was so interesting and it’s made me want to look up and delve further into that particular area of mythology. It was also great to hear about how much she helped Rachel in writing The Twisted Tree.

We were then invited to take part in tarot readings done by Maddy herself. As someone who had never had a tarot reading before I was so up for it! These were done in groups of ten and we had the choice to ask Maddy a question or get a general 3 card reading. I went for the three card reading and was stunned at how accurate my reading was. I was honestly gobsmacked and it has made me want to get a more detailed one done.

After I had my reading I went and mingled with fellow bloggers (with cake and wine) and I got chatting to quite a few – it was really nice to just be able to talk about blogging and books with like minded people. I also got to chat to Rachel some more and ask her about her work. She was so lovely and I felt honoured to have been able to talk to her for as long as I did. 

Overall this event was outstanding! I had such a great time and got to celebrate a book which is truly incredible (if you haven’t read it yet, you NEED TO!) Thank you to Rachel, Maddy and Hot Key Books for hosting this event. It is one I will be remembering for a long time.

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